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How To Clean A Hot Water Dispenser

Posted by on December 25th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

Like any appliance, your hot water dispenser will definitely thank you for a regular clean and descale from time to time. A build-up of natural mineral deposits from your mains water supply can affect the flow of your water while also affecting its heat performance. So, better to give it some TLC along the way than risk any long-term damage. So let’s look at how to clean a hot water dispenser.

Why clean a hot water dispenser?

From the first use of your hot water dispenser, some minerals will stick to the heating elements inside the dispenser over time. Even though all...

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Does Your Daily Tea And Coffee Count As Essential Water Intake?

Posted by on December 18th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

We all know that water is by far the best liquid to keep you hydrated and refreshed. But what about other types of drink, especially the nation’s favourite drink, tea? The UK drinks around 100 million cups of tea and around 70 million cups of coffee every day, but does tea and coffee count as essential daily water intake?

We’re all made of water

Our bodies are around 60% water anyway, so keeping hydrated with water is essential to, basically, staying alive. But our brains are made up of around 75% water as well, so it’s a pretty good idea to keep...

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5 Reasons Why Drinking Hot Water Is Good For You

Posted by on November 30th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

There’s no disputing that drinking water is good for your physical and mental health. Whether ice cold or ambient, it’s easily the best way to keep yourself hydrated. While the health advantages are well known, what about the benefits of drinking hot water? Does it increase our hydration or have any additional benefits? Let’s look at five reasons why drinking hot water is good for you (but make sure that, while hot, it’s cool enough for you to drink safely).

1. Relieved congestion

One of the key benefits of drinking hot water for almost everyone is its ability to relieve the grizzly...

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How Can Hot Water Dispensers Heat Water So Quickly?

Posted by on October 24th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

A hot water dispenser in your office is the perfect answer to providing each staff member with all the hot water they need, on-demand and without endlessly waiting for the kettle to boil. While their many benefits make them a perfect addition to any busy office kitchen, break room, canteen, or staff room, how does a hot water dispenser heat its water so quickly to keep up with demand?

How does a hot water dispenser work?

There’s no great mystery about how a hot water dispenser works. Think of it as an oversized kettle, but just faster and more efficient. That’s probably...

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Why Is My Instant Hot Water Dispenser Not Heating The Water Properly?

Posted by on October 17th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

An instant hot water dispenser is an essential piece of kit for any office or workplace – just ask your staff! And as an energy-saving, cost-effective, and super-efficient way to deliver hot water on demand, you could say they're invaluable. But no matter how important your hot water dispenser is to your business, there may come a time when it needs a fix to get it up and running again. So what can you do if it’s not heating your water properly?

Hot water dispensers are a worthwhile investment

There are plenty of reasons why a hot water dispenser is a worthwhile...

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Can I Get Fresh Hot Water From My Coffee Maker?

Posted by on May 20th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

Though a tea-loving nation, there are still plenty of us who enjoy several cups of freshly brewed coffee to perk us up through the day. But can your home or office coffee maker also provide you with steaming hot water? It may be possible but there might also be some limitations or issues to deal with.

How hot does hot water need to be?

Water boils at 100ºC (212ºF) which is around the perfect temperature for making a cup of tea. By reaching temperatures of over 95ºC, hot water mixes with the tea to release the fullest flavour for maximum enjoyment. But...

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Is Hot Water At Work A Legal Requirement For Employers?

Posted by on May 9th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

While we all go to work to do our job and get paid for it, all employers have an obligation to provide certain things for employees by law. Collective legislation covering health, safety, and welfare issues gives all staff a legal right to expect certain facilities in the workplace. And one of the most searched questions by people is whether providing hot water at work is a legal requirement. Let’s find out…

Hot water really is an employer requirement

As with most things in life, if something is required by law to be provided to people and it isn’t – whether to...

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Should I Turn My Water Dispenser Off At Night To Save Electricity?

Posted by on March 18th 2022 in Environment , Helpful Advice , Hot Water Dispensers

Having a convenient source of pure-filtered water around the office or home is a great way to help people stay productive and hydrated. But whether you like an ice-cold thirst quencher to keep you refreshed or need easy access to hot water on demand for tea and coffee rounds, you’ll be using energy. So should you be turning your water dispenser off at night to save electricity?

Turn off to save money

Thirsty Work has put together an environmental policy that sees us taking big steps towards being as progressively green as possible in everything we do. And we put the same...

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How Can You Clean And Descale Your Hot Water Dispenser?

Posted by on February 7th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

When you live in a hard water area like London and surrounding south-east areas, limescale can be a real problem. With a build-up of the natural minerals from your mains water supply, it can affect water flow in taps or showerheads. But it also clings to the elements inside your kettle or hot water dispenser, building up to cause damage and affect performance. So how can you clean and descale to prevent it?

Why descale your hot water dispenser?

While limescale isn’t bad for us and does us no harm when it’s in our drinking water – it’s a natural mineral after...

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Where's The Best Place To Put My Hot Water Dispenser?

Posted by on January 4th 2022 in Hot Water Dispensers

With the installation of a hot water dispenser in your office, workplace, or even your home, you can look forward to instant, near-boiling water at the pull of a tap or press of a button. But with all the cost-effective and practical benefits that a hot water dispenser can give you, one question that springs to mind for many people is, where’s the best place for it to go? And the answer might surprise you.

Efficient hot water all day, every day

Saving you time, money, and energy, every hot water dispenser is built for convenience, whether it’s for you at home,...

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