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Your Guide to Fault Finding Your
Bottled Water Cooler

The following advice has been produced to help you to identify any faults with your bottled water cooler that can be quickly and easily fixed without the need for an engineer call-out. 

In this guide you’ll learn what to do if your bottled water cooler:
Is Leaking, Isn’t Chilling, Isn’t Dispensing, Isn’t Heating, Drip Tray Needs Cleaning, Water Tastes Funny
and useful information about storing Your Bottled Water.

These points only cover some of the basic checks that can easily be performed. If these don't resolve your issue quickly then please call us to arrange an engineer call-out on 01392 877172.

You can download the full guide by clicking here.

troubleshooting your bottled water cooler guide

bottled water cooler fault finding guide

bottled water cooler fault finding graphic guide