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Why Is My Instant Hot Water Dispenser Not Heating The Water Properly?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

An instant hot water dispenser is an essential piece of kit for any office or workplace – just ask your staff! And as an energy-saving, cost-effective, and super-efficient way to deliver hot water on demand, you could say they're invaluable. But no matter how important your hot water dispenser is to your business, there may come a time when it needs a fix to get it up and running again. So what can you do if it’s not heating your water properly?

Hot water dispensers are a worthwhile investment

There are plenty of reasons why a hot water dispenser is a worthwhile investment for your business. They provide the ultimate in convenience both in terms of physical size and capacities, they’ll deliver up to 30 litres of fully-filtered, 96ºC hot water on demand, and they’re energy-efficient. And above all, the body and individual components, like the elements, are built to last.

Each hot water dispenser also has built-in safety features. These include over-boil protection – where the sensor adjusts the water temperature to prevent water from over-boiling to save energy – and boil-dry protection – where the dispenser is automatically stopped from working if the internal tank is low or empty.

What if your water isn't hot?

Despite all the features, occasionally, your hot water may not be as hot as you want it. In fact, it could even be cold or tepid. So why would this happen, and what can you do to fix your hot water dispenser? Here are a few things to look out for if your water’s not hot enough:

  • Make sure the unit is plugged in. All hot water dispensers use a standard plug wall socket, so make sure it’s plugged in, switched on, and the unit itself is switched on.
  • Your water could be cold or lukewarm if the tank has been drained and your dispenser hasn't had time to refill and heat up to temperature fully.
  • The elements inside your dispenser could be failing. This might be due to overuse or a build-up of limescale affecting their performance if you’re in a hard water area.

If you do have any issues with your hot water dispenser and the above suggestions don’t fix the issue, – including a limescale build-up – or a fault appears from out of nowhere, our Thirsty Work team will visit you to repair it or replace your unit for a new one – no questions asked.

Hot water dispenser care from Thirsty Work

Every Thirsty Work hot water dispenser is designed to be easy to use with minimal fuss and hassle. And depending on your usage, you should get up to two years of straightforward, efficient, and money-saving graft from your hot water dispenser.

But our service and maintenance packages will make sure you receive a callout as soon as you need one to fix and repair your hot water dispenser or switch it out to a brand new unit if necessary.

Contact our customer service team today to learn more about our full range of hot water dispensers. Call us on 01392 877 172 or email to get your free quote, or start your no-risk, 10-day free trial to try one for yourself.