Filtered Water Taps and Water Bottling Systems For Cafes and Restaurants

Hot water taps and filtration for Cafes and Restaurants

A Wide Selection of Water Filters, Taps and Water Bottling Systems for Cafes and Restaurants

Pura is the hospitality and filtration division of Thirsty Work, providing the highest level of drinking water solutions for rental to cafes and restaurants.

With options for front and back of house, chilled, boiling and sparkling water, and a wide range of accessories and refillable personalised glass bottles, we cater for cafes and restaurants of all sizes. Our scale removing, commercial filtration range is ideal for use with hot water boilers, taps and coffee machines.

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Commercial Drinking Water Filters For Scale Removal

Pura water filters use advanced filtration technology to provide your catering business with the highest quality of filtered drinking water. 

The scale removing Pura3000, Pura6000 and Pura9000 commercial water filters are ideal for use with hot water boilers, taps and coffee machines, producing a consistently better tasting tea/coffee, by stabilising pH levels to ensure the best tasting filtered water with every cup. 

Branded Glass Water Bottles

Refillable Branded Glass Bottles

Serve freshly dispensed water in your very own personalised 750ml, refillable and dishwasher-safe glass bottles. Pura water bottles are extremely durable, with the ability to withstand wash after wash, making them an environmentally friendly and economical solution. Our glass bottles can be branded with your company logo to provide a premium quality feel to your water solutions, a great addition to your bottling system rental package.

Commercial Filtered Drinking Water Systems for Hospitality

Pura Drinking Water System Benefits

We provide water bottling systems for rental across the whole of the South of England, from London to Southampton to Plymouth, and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on our fast, local servicing and aftercare packages, carried out by our fully qualified engineers. We’re a local supplier so you’ll receive real customer-focused service and support when you need it.

  • High volume water on demand
  • Refill glass bottles, fast
  • Cut single-use, plastic bottled water
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transportation and packaging waste
  • Gain fridge and storeroom space
  • Filtered, still, sparkling, hot and chilled water options
  • Various installation options: counter-top units, floorstanding units, over font or over sink installation, under-counter units
  • Cold water output from 20 - 180 litres/hr
  • Sparkling water output from 30 - 180 litres/hr
  • Boiling water output from 100 - 240 litres/hr
Water Cooler Installation and Servicing

Water Dispenser Service & Aftercare

Pura drinking water systems come with a service and aftercare package, which is designed to give you total peace of mind. Your water dispenser will be delivered and installed by a fully qualified engineer. Most packages include the sanitisation of your water dispenser, filter changes, all parts and labour, plus any call outs. Our service package will give you total peace of mind when you choose us as your water dispenser rental provider. Talk to our team of water experts, to find out more about Thirsty Work’s service and aftercare for Pura products.

reuse, refill, recycle

Our service & aftercare package includes:

  • A wide selection of filtered taps and water bottling systems
  • Expert support and advice
  • Delivery to your chosen location
  • Installed by a fully qualified engineer
  • Superior sanitisation and filter change programme
  • Access to brand your own glass water bottles
  • Full call out and repair service
  • Unlimited warranty
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Knowledge & Expertise

Our team of water experts, will work with you to select a dispenser that fits perfectly for your hospitality requirements. Our dedicated customer service, sales and engineering team are here to answer any of your queries, and ensure your experience with Thirsty Work is a great one. So give us a call, speak to us on live chat or send us an email, and we will be happy to help you out.

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  • Number 1 rated UK water cooler provider
  • Fast, local delivery and servicing included
  • Commercial filter change packages

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