Thirsty Work Future Leaders Academy Programme

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Thirsty Work Academy

Encouraging Bright Futures

The Thirsty Work Academy has been developed to open opportunities for existing Thirsty Work team members, enabling them to grow their skills and develop confidence and belief in themselves to be able to manage and lead teams in the future.

With the right level of support, encouragement, creativity and challenge, we believe that people can achieve amazing professional and personal outcomes, often beyond their expectations.

Thirsty Work Careers

The key purpose and vision of the Future Leaders Academy Programme is to inspire, train and develop individuals who will grow in high performance skills and areas such as:

  • Becoming a leader
  • Learning and using coaching and mentoring skills
  • Recognising, acknowledging and working with your own, and each others strengths
  • Clarifying industry leading leadership styles and personal development plans
  • Identifying, planning and coordinating successful change and being able to bring out the best in others
  • Learning how to effectively lead teams and work positively with key stakeholders
  • Learning how to work together on key projects which will benefit the whole business
  • Be able to contribute inspirational ideas and solutions to Thirsty Work key projects
Thirsty Work Leaders Academy

You will be asked why you believe you and the business would benefit from your participation in the programme, and how this will also provide yourself and the business with a platform for future growth.

Following an invitation Thirsty Work team members will be asked to apply via application. If you’d like to apply for the programme please speak to your team manager.