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How Can You Clean And Descale Your Hot Water Dispenser?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

When you live in a hard water area like London and surrounding south-east areas, limescale can be a real problem. With a build-up of the natural minerals from your mains water supply, it can affect water flow in taps or showerheads. But it also clings to the elements inside your kettle or hot water dispenser, building up to cause damage and affect performance. So how can you clean and descale to prevent it?

Why descale your hot water dispenser?

While limescale isn’t bad for us and does us no harm when it’s in our drinking water – it’s a natural mineral after all – it can cause damage to the elements inside your hot water dispenser. As a result, the elements will be forced to work harder to heat your water, becoming less energy-efficient in the process, and in the long run, will need to be replaced.

While it certainly takes time to get a limescale build-up around your elements, it can happen more quickly than you think, especially across London hard water areas. So it’s better to bring regular cleaning and descaling into your routine to prevent it, or at least minimise it.

How often should descale your hot water dispenser?

How often you need to clean and descale your instant hot water dispenser will depend on how hard your water is and how often you use it. But if you’re in or around London and the south-east hard water areas and your hot water dispenser is integral to your office kitchen, it’s certainly worth doing this every month.

Descaling and cleaning your hot water dispenser isn't a difficult job (remembering to do it is probably harder). But it shouldn’t take you long if you use recommended descaling products available on the market.

How to descale your hot water dispenser

With plenty of different models available, instructions may differ slightly. But the process should be very similar from model to model:

1. Fill your dispenser with water and let it reach the required temperature

2. Add your chosen descaler and leave for the required time

3. When done, drain the dispenser and flush the system before using as normal

If you’re currently using a hot water dispenser in your office or workplace, with lots of use from your team each day, changing to a more time and energy-efficient and cost-effective model from Thirsty Work will let you take advantage of our comprehensive service and maintenance packages, all carried out by our qualified engineers.

Alongside installation and connection to your mains water supply, our packages include regular cleaning and sanitising of your dispenser. But we also carry out advanced filter system changes that ensure the capture of excess mineral deposits and microplastics in your water supply. And of course, we can tackle your descaling problems too.

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