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Hot Water Dispensers

Our comprehensive range of instant hot water dispensers for offices have been designed to replace your kettle and save you time, money and energy at your workplace. Our full maintenance and six monthly filter change program, included as standard will keep your hot water dispenser in perfect working order. All of our instant hot water dispensers are designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

Why Choose a Hot Water Dispenser?

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Unlimited Hot Water Supply

Our hot water dispensers will provide you with an unlimited instant hot water supply for all your teas and coffees.

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Save Time, Money & Energy

With its low energy consumption and instant hot water, our hot water dispensers are the perfect dispenser to save you time, money and energy.

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Advanced Filtered Technology

All of our hot water dispensers have our advanced filtration systems, giving you the highest quality of filtered water for your teas and coffees.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All our hot water dispensers are designed to be as energy-efficient and cost-effective to run as possible while delivering up to 28 litres of filtered hot water every hour. Once the water is brought up to temperature initially, it stays hot in standby mode and costs less than £1 per day – much cheaper than repeatedly boiling a kettle.

96ºC. While not boiling water, it’s hot enough to make the perfect cuppa or hot snack. The in-built thermostat will keep the water hot without any over-boil or boil-dry issues and every hot water dispenser will give you around 28 litres of fully-filtered hot water, on-demand, every hour if you need it.

Our hot water dispensers are built to last and, depending on usage, will give you at least 2-years of trouble-free service which is why most customers take the rental package and enjoy the lifetime warranty. Made from durable, premium-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel, each unit also has an advanced filtration system (which we replace every 12 months for you) to prevent limescale around the elements.