Water Cooler Rental for Film, TV and Construction

water coolers for short term use on-set and on-site in London

A Wide Selection of Water Coolers For On-Set, On-Site and On-Location Drinking Water

Thirsty Work offer a range of water coolers and ambient water dispensers for on-site and on-set to TV, Film and Construction companies.

We know the importance of getting water to location at short notice. Offering free delivery, no hidden costs and special short term contacts especially for these industries we stock a wide range of robust and reliable bottle-fed water coolers which are ideal for short term rental on-set and on-site.

A bottled water cooler is a great option for film and TV production companies looking for a portable unit, as it can be located anywhere, for long or short term use on-set location.

Bottled Water delivery onsite to building sites

Bottled Water Cooler Delivery to Building Sites

We’re experts at delivering drinking water to construction sites, offering: 

  • Special short-term water cooler rental
  • Reliable, fast delivery
  • Uplifts when you need it
  • Accurate invoicing
  • On time servicing and sanitisations of dispensers
  • Low voltage supply options (110v & 240v)
  • Refill water bottles and reduce plastic waste

Our Most Popular Water Dispensers for TV, Film and Construction

If you're looking for a water cooler for short-term use, we have drinking water dispenser rental packages designed especially for the TV, Film and Construction Industries. Here's a few of our most popular water dispensers for short-term use. You can choose from free-standing models or countertop options. Our bottled water delivery in London ensures delivery on-set within 2-3 working days.

Bottled water coolers for use on TV and Film sets

Bottled Water Cooler Rental

A bottled water cooler is a great option for film and TV production companies looking for a portable unit, as it can be located anywhere, for long or short term use.

bottled water delivery for use with water coolers

Bottled Water Delivery

Our drinking water is bottled from a natural spring in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, for our customers throughout the UK. Using a natural spring for our bottled water guarantees that you will be drinking pure, natural, great tasting spring water. We offer both 18.9 Litre and 13 Litre bottled spring water exclusively for your bottled water cooler, with local delivery on demand within 2-3 working days.

15 litre water bottles for construction sites

Bottled Water Delivery for Construction Companies

We also offer a special single-use 15 litre water bottle for use on-site, when very high volumes of water are required, where access to a mains point is unsuitable. These water bottles are delivered to site in pallets of 60, and are compatible with our bottled water coolers.

hand pump water dispenser

Manual Water Pump For Dispensing Drinking Water On-Site

The special design of these manual drinking water pumps with a carrying handle, offer easy handling, simple use, and durability.

These pumps are compatible with our bottled water, perfect for areas where water coolers are not possible, or for outdoor events, like catering, camping, construction sites and film and TV productions companies.

Range of cold water drinking cups for use on-set and on-site

Water Cups and Cones

We offer a large range of cups for your water cooler from paper to plastic including a fully plastic-free paper cup and cone range as standard.

bottles of spring water ready for delivery

Bottled Water Delivery Areas

We provide office water coolers and hot water dispensers for rental across the whole of the South of England, from London to Southampton to Plymouth, and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on our fast, local delivery service, aiming to deliver all water orders within 3 working days.

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