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Mains Fed Water Coolers

Our range of mains fed water cooler dispensers are a convenient way for you to enjoy chilled and filtered water. Our full maintenance and six monthly filter change program, included as standard, will keep your mains fed water coolers in perfect working order, giving you peace of mind that your water dispenser is maintained to the highest standard. To find the right mains fed water cooler dispenser for your workplace, view our range of products or contact one of our water experts to find out more.

Why Choose a Mains Fed Water Cooler Dispenser

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Advanced Filtered Technology

All of our mains fed water coolers have our advanced Pura filtration systems, allowing you to enjoy having the highest quality of filtered water on demand.

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Economical Solution

With our mains fed water coolers you will be able to save time, money and energy whilst keeping you and your staff hydrated.

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Environmentally Friendly

A mains fed water cooler allows you to have an environmentally friendly drinking water solution by cutting back on the use of single use plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

All mains fed water coolers work in the same way as bottled water coolers, but the water comes directly from your mains water supply rather than a water bottle on top of the cooler. Each unit can deliver fully filtered water that can be chilled, ambient, hot, or sparkling depending on your model.

Yes. Though a mains fed water cooler is plumbed directly into your mains water supply, each unit has its own advanced filtration system. Using a combination of mechanical and carbon filtration, every filter is designed to reduce the number of harmful contaminants, sediment, and chlorine found in mains water – and any bad smells or tastes too. It can also remove trace plastics down to 0.001mm in size.

Your mains fed water cooler can easily be plumbed in and installed by our qualified engineers up to 13m away from your mains water supply. While not as portable as a bottled water cooler, you're not limited to a kitchen installation so you can still install a mains fed cooler in plenty of convenient locations. Floor standing and counter-top options are available to suit your space.

A fully qualified Thirsty Work engineer will arrive to service your mains fed water coolers every 6 months, giving you peace of mind that your dispenser is maintained to the highest standards.