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Bottle Filling Systems

Our range of bottle filling systems suit all businesses requiring a high-volume of high quality filtered water. Our range of glass bottles can be personalised with your own brand. Call our Pura consultant on 01392 877 172 to build your hospitality package.

Branded Glass Water Bottles

Refillable Branded Glass Bottles


We offer a personalised 750ml refillable and dishwasher-safe glass bottle. Our water bottles are extremely durable, with the ability to withstand wash after wash, making them an environmentally friendly and economical solution. Our glass bottles can be branded with your company logo to provide a premium quality feel to your water solutions.

Why Choose a Pura Bottle Filling System?

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Advanced Filtration Technology

All of our water dispensers have our advanced Pura filtration systems, allowing you to enjoy having premium filtered water, while reducing storage space.

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Branded Glass Bottles

We offer a range of glass bottles which can be branded with your company logo, to provide a quality touch to your water solutions.

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Sustainable Products

Pura bottle filling systems with Pura water filters can help to reduce refrigeration / storage space, reduce transportation costs, save energy and ultimately reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottle waste that goes to landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our range consists of options for front and back of house, on the counter, under the counter and floor-standing models so that you can build a water bottling package that suits your space and water requirements.

A fully qualified Pura engineer will arrive to service your machine every 6 months, giving you peace of mind that your machine is maintained to the highest standards.

  • High volume water on demand
  • Premium filtered water
  • Cut single-use, plastic bottled water
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transportation and packaging waste
  • Gain fridge and storeroom space