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Hydrate Consciously With Sustainable Drinking Water Solutions

Reducing Single-use Plastic Waste In Our Business and Yours

Our mission is to help businesses to stop using single-use plastic bottled water and reduce the impact that their drinking water has on the planet.

Our sustainable drinking water solutions can help to reduce refrigeration / storage space, reduce transportation costs, save energy and ultimately reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottle waste that goes to landfill.

We want to inspire everyone to hydrate consciously, with the planet and our health in mind, by refilling bottles and cups and eliminating the use of throw-away plastic.

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How Can We Help Your Business To Be More Sustainable?

We choose to support Earth Day in their Planet vs. Plastics campaign. We’re passionate about reducing single-use plastic waste, and we’re doing our bit as a business to rapidly phase out the sale of all single-use plastics, by investing in innovative processes and materials to build a more sustainable business and take care of our planet. 

We help businesses to reduce their plastic waste by supplying them with more sustainable drinking water solutions through water dispensers and plastic-free paper cups.

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Choose Plastic-free, Recyclable Paper Cups.

In 2023 we pioneered a huge development in innovation with our range of plastic-free paper cups, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic cups supplied to our customers. 

Since our first step towards phasing out plastic cups in 2018 we’ve reduced the amount of single-use plastic cups sold to our customers by over 95%!  Our recyclable paper cups are now plastic-free! Thank you to our customers for choosing plastic-free options and helping us meet our zero plastic to landfill goal.


Choose Re-usable Water Bottles and Ditch Single-use Plastic Bottles

Our range of water dispensers enables all businesses to reduce their use of single-use plastic drinking water bottles by offering staff and customers water dispensers that allow the fast re-filling of re-useable cups and bottles. Our high capacity bottle fillers are ideally suited to hotel, hospitality, catering and events venues all over the UK, saving storage space and reducing plastic waste.

For smaller businesses you might choose a mains-fed water cooler to filter and supply chilled water to your staff and customers.

Advanced Commercial Drinking Water Filters

Filter Out Microplastics

Tiny plastic particles, filaments and microplastics are found in the air we breathe, and in the water and food that we consume.

  • We inhale them
  • We ingest them
  • They may penetrate the skin

Aside from providing essential hydration, when you re-fill your water bottle from a Thirsty Work water dispenser you'll have the assurance that the water has been filtered through an Advanced Pura Water Filter. Most of our Pura filers remove trace plastics in drinking water, reducing the amount of particles that we ingest.  

Green Tag Certified

Choose Eco-friendly Products

In addition to reducing single-use plastic waste, our range of water dispensers have optional energy efficient features, with sleep-mode settings available and eco-friendly refrigeration. Hot water boilers and boiling taps can save energy compared to boiling the kettle in busy businesses. 

A water dispenser can also reduce the environmental impact of bottled drink transportation and packaging waste.

In addition to supplying sustainable products to our customers, we continuously consider our impact on the environment. Read our sustainability policy. 

Planet vs. Plastics Campaign

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