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Where's The Best Place To Put My Hot Water Dispenser?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

With the installation of a hot water dispenser in your office, workplace, or even your home, you can look forward to instant, near-boiling water at the pull of a tap or press of a button. But with all the cost-effective and practical benefits that a hot water dispenser can give you, one question that springs to mind for many people is, where’s the best place for it to go? And the answer might surprise you.

Efficient hot water all day, every day

Saving you time, money, and energy, every instant hot water dispenser is built for convenience, whether it’s for you at home, your staff in the office, or for any visitors or customers in a shop or waiting room. We’ve already blogged about 5 steaming good reasons why you should invest in a hot water dispenser, but it can often be the placement and installation of the dispenser that can cause obstacles for a lot of people.

For many offices and workplaces, the most obvious place for your hot water dispenser would be in the kitchen. Comfortably sitting on the countertop, and fitting in seamlessly with your existing white goods and mains fed water cooler, a hot water dispenser can help you ditch the well-worn, expensive, and S-L-O-W kettle to give your team up to 30 litres of 96º, fully-filtered, instant hot water every hour.

And if space is at a premium, a wall-mounted model can give you all the same benefits while helping you free up some much-needed worktop real estate. But not all workplaces or public or communal areas will have the space or even the need for a fully kitted out kitchen area for staff or visitors. So how can these areas get the hot water for those that do need teas, coffees, or hot snacks?

Seamless installations

A workspace well away from any kitchen area doesn’t mean to say that installing a hot water dispenser is impossible – far from it. Whether it’s a factory floor away from a kitchen used by office-based staff, a club foyer, a waiting room, or even a home workshop, all these buildings will have a mains water supply. And if you have mains water, within reason, you can almost certainly have a hot water dispenser installed wherever you need it.

There’s every opportunity to plumb in additional pipework to bring the water supply to your dispenser, wherever it needs to be installed. Just think about vending machines that offer hot drinks in corridors or waiting rooms, far from any kitchen facilities…mains water is often much closer than you realise.

So while you might think a hot water dispenser needs to go into your kitchen, the reality is that it can be installed almost anywhere – up to 13 metres from any mains supply inlet. All it takes is a thorough site survey, some strategic planning, and a seamless installation from our qualified Thirsty Work engineers to run your water supply to where it’s needed.

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