Water Cooler Installations

Water Cooler Supplier Southampton

UK Wide Installation

Once you’ve decided which water dispenser is best for your workplace, part of our service package includes our team of WHA qualified engineers installing your water dispenser for you. Our qualified engineers will ensure that the installation is simple, seamless and quick. 

As part of the Thirsty Work service we pride ourselves on the speed and quality of installing your water dispenser. Our head office is located in Exeter, Devon, but we have offices located across the UK. Your installation will be carried out by your local Thirsty Work installer.  

Mains Fed Water Cooler Installation

Mains Fed Water Dispensers

When installing a mains fed water dispenser our team of fully qualified engineers will ensure you receive a simple, seamless and quick installation, which connects you to an endless supply of fresh filtered drinking water in your workplace.

To ensure you receive the highest quality of installation our engineers will:

  • Find the nearest water source
  • Select a location with you for your water dispenser
  • Run the water supply where needed
  • Complete a seamless installation
  • You are then ready to enjoy an endless supply of filtered drinking water
Bottle Fed Water Cooler Installation

Bottled Water Coolers

The delivery and installation of your bottled water cooler is a simple and quick process, as the cooler only needs to be plugged into a plug socket. When installing your machine, the driver will also deliver your bottled spring water and any recyclable or biodegradable cups.

To ensure you receive the highest quality of installation our engineers will:

  • Deliver your bottled water cooler
  • Choose a location for your cooler that works best for you
  • Plug the water cooler into a socket. We require a minimum of 13 amp socket
  • The driver will place a bottle of spring water on your cooler
  • You are then ready to enjoy having fresh tasting chilled spring water