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Why Become a Thirsty Work Champion?

The Company’s overall objective is to deliver growth through people. Therefore, the Company aspires to create a culture where members of the team want to act in ways which supports our objective.

The aim of the Thirsty Work Champions, is for our talented people to help promote the values of the business, deliver a tangible economic benefit to Thirsty Work and become empowered to be able to take action when they identify opportunities to develop the Growth of the business and People within the business.

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What is a Thirsty Work Champion?

Champions will:

  • Set a strong standard and personal example to other members of staff.  
  • Promote our values of Growth & People across the business.
  • Continually seek opportunities to enhance the performance of themselves, their team members and departments and deliver further tangible economic benefit. 
  • Coach and Mentor their team members to help them develop and achieve their goals.
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What Does a Thirsty Work Champion Do?

Initially the individual will design the concept of what a Thirsty Work Champion is to them, and how they are going to make the above values come to life. Some examples might include:

  • Help support people with their application process for the Academy.  
  • Support management with the development of the team through mentoring, training, coaching and communication.
  • Proactively identify opportunities to enhance economic value for Thirsty Work and its customers by working with management and their team to action and roll out. 

If you’d like to apply for the programme please speak to your manager.