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How To Clean A Hot Water Dispenser

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Like any appliance, your hot water dispenser will definitely thank you for a regular clean and descale from time to time. A build-up of natural mineral deposits from your mains water supply can affect the flow of your water while also affecting its heat performance. So, better to give it some TLC along the way than risk any long-term damage. So let’s look at how to clean an instant hot water dispenser.

Why clean a hot water dispenser?

From the first use of your hot water dispenser, some minerals will stick to the heating elements inside the dispenser over time. Even though all Thirsty Work hot water dispensers are fitted (or fitted as an optional extra) with a high-performance, advanced filtration system, if you’re in a hard water area, limescale can be a damaging issue.

Some natural minerals in our water are actually good for us, but they’re bad for hot water appliances, which is why they need to be removed. It’s better to regularly clean your hot water dispenser to descale it so you can prevent excessive build-up or attempt to minimise it. And if you do, it will increase the life of your dispenser, keeping it at peak, energy-efficient performance for longer.

How to clean a hot water dispenser

Depending on your model, each will have certain specific things to do to give your hot water dispenser a thorough clean. It isn't a hard job, and it shouldn’t take long to do, and the key steps should be the same whatever model you’re using. Here’s what to do:

1. Fill your dispenser with water

After draining it, fill your dispenser with clean water without going over the maximum level. Once filled, turn the dispenser on and let it reach full temperature.

2. Add the descaler

Add whatever descaler you choose to the hot water, let it dissolve completely, and leave it for the required time.

3. Drain the dispenser

When the cleaning is complete, drain the dispenser of its hot water. Let it refill and reach temperature before draining again to flush it thoroughly.

4. Outer cleaning

When the tank is thoroughly cleaned and repeatedly flushed, use food-safe sanitising wipes to clean the outer casing and any high-touch areas like buttons or paddles.

When each step is complete, you’ll have prolonged the life of your hot water dispenser just a little bit more. Not only that, you’ll have ensured it stays energy efficient and cost-effective at a time when we all need to do what we can to reduce our energy costs.

Full cleaning, service, and maintenance packages

While you can clean your hot water dispenser regularly, as a customer with Thirsty Work, you automatically get to take advantage of our full service and maintenance packages. Our qualified engineers will regularly clean and sanitise your hot water dispenser and carry out a full, advanced water filter change to reduce any internal mineral build-up.

Find out more about our range of water dispensers for your office, how they can help you reduce your energy costs, and our comprehensive service and maintenance packages. Call the Thirsty Work customer service team today on 01392 877 172 or email You can get a free quote or even start your 10-day hot water dispenser free trial.

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