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How Can Hot Water Dispensers Heat Water So Quickly?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

A hot water dispenser in your office is the perfect answer to providing each staff member with all the hot water they need, on-demand and without endlessly waiting for the kettle to boil. While their many benefits make them a perfect addition to any busy office kitchen, break room, canteen, or staff room, how does a hot water dispenser heat its water so quickly to keep up with demand?

How does a hot water dispenser work?

There’s no great mystery about how a hot water dispenser works. Think of it as an oversized kettle, but just faster and more efficient. That’s probably an overly simplified explanation, but the concept is much the same. So here’s what really happens – and how the water heats so quickly:

Mains water filtration

As a mains water-fed system, every hot water dispenser gets constant water delivery directly from your mains supply, rather than having to be continuously refilled. That allows the inner water tank to be topped up rather than the same water sitting inactive for hours on end.

When you turn the machine on, the internal tank fills with fresh water that gets fully filtered through its in-built advanced filtration system of carbon filters, to give a pure taste. This filtration removes any impurities left over from the water companies' standard treatment process, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, limescale, microplastics, and other bad tastes and odours.

Rapid heating elements

Once the thermally-insulated tank fills with fresh, filtered water, the dispenser’s internal heating elements then rapidly heat the water. And it’s these elements that allow the water to be heated so quickly. Specially designed for rapid heating, the 3kW elements heat far quicker than a standard kettle and take only seconds to reach temperature and heat the water to around 96ºC.

While not reaching full boiling point, the water is more than hot enough to make any teas, coffees, cuppa soups, or pot noodles that you and your staff need at any time throughout the day. But the water is hot enough to eliminate any contaminates that may have squeezed their way through both filtration processes.

What else can your hot water dispenser deliver?

Faster element heat-up time is crucial to saving time and money. And your cost-effective and energy-efficient hot water dispenser is key to reducing office energy costs. But aside from fully filtered, fast heating 96ºC water, what else can it deliver for you?

In the Thirsty Work range, you can choose a dispenser with a tank capacity of 5 or 10 litres, providing ample hot water throughout the day and night. There are also wall-mounted and countertop models to fit into the smallest areas. And they come with plenty of safety features to prevent over-boiling or boil-dry situations.

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As energy prices rise, a hot water dispenser is a perfect answer to reducing costs while giving your staff all the hot water they need for those all-important drinks and snacks. Call our customer service team today on 01392 877 172, or email, and we’ll get you started on your no-obligation, 10-day free trial to see how it can transform your workplace.