Water Cooler Servicing and Water Cooler Maintenance

complete water cooler filter service and maintenance

What's Included?

Following installation we’ll continue to provide you with regular Water Cooler Servicing. With our water dispenser service and maintenance package every Thirsty Work dispenser is delivered, installed and maintained by a fully qualified engineer. Our servicing packages also include ongoing sanitisation of your dispenser, filter changes, all parts and labour, including call out, repairs and services, plus all of your deliveries.

Our service and maintenance package includes:

  • Expert support and advice
  • Installation by a fully qualified engineer
  • Superior sanitisation and filter change programme
  • Free deliveries on demand, simply call us to order
  • Full call-out and repair service
Water Cooler and Commercial Water Filters

Sanitisation & Filters

Included as part of our service package, our team of WHA qualified engineers will ensure your water dispenser is maintained to the highest standard with our superior sanitisation and filter change programme. Our range of Pura filters have been developed to use our advanced filtration technology, to provide your business with the highest quality of filtered water.

Watercooler Pipework Replacement Service

Pipework Replacement Maintenance

As an essential part of our continued high quality, regular servicing we provide Pipework Replacement Maintenance. This is an addition to your regular servicing. We'll replace the pipework and fittings that connect your water dispenser to the mains water feed. This is only required every 5 years at a cost of £95+VAT.

Why do we change your pipework?

  • To ensure that your pipework is maintained to the highest standard
  • To assure you of continued premium water quality
  • It’s part of our leading water dispenser maintenance service