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Where Our Water Comes From 

Our water is bottled from our own natural spring in the beautiful hamlet of Burlawn, Cornwall. The water that springs from this natural environment is pure and clean. Having our spring, means all our bottled water is exclusive for us and our bottled water cooler customers across the UK. Using a natural spring for our bottled water guarantees that you will be drinking pure, natural, great tasting spring water.  

We offer our bottled water cooler customers a range of bottle sizes including a 18.9 Litre Bottles, 13 Litre Bottles and 500ml lifestyle water bottles

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Our natural spring in the beautiful hamlet of Burlawn, one and a half miles to the south of Wadebridge in Cornwall, is also very environmentally friendly and sustainable. We do not waste any of the natural spring water by ensuring any unused water from the bottling plant is returned back onto the Aquifer to continue nature’s cycle, making it a very sustainable process. 

To ensure the process is environmentally friendly, we have been operating a bottle deposit scheme since 1995, encouraging our customers to return the bottles to ensure the bottles are reused, refilled or recycled.