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5 Refreshing Ways to Make London Water Less Boring

Posted by on November 17th 2021 in Benefits of Water

Water is an essential ingredient to all life. Hydrating? Yes. Nutritious? You bet. Refreshing? Of course. Delicious? Not so much… While London water is as vital to us as the air we breathe, it can taste a bit chemically. But even if you can get past that, it’s still a bit…boring. For all its benefits, plain water isn’t the most exciting – or tastiest – thing in the world to drink. But we’ve put together a list of ways on how you can make your 8 glasses of water a day tastier than ever, with something to really tickle your...

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The Benefits Of Keeping Yourself Hydrated And Drinking More Water

Posted by on April 27th 2021 in Benefits of Water

Water. It might not look like anything fancy, but it’s essential to a healthy lifestyle and vital to your body in more ways than one. From maintaining your body temperature and flushing your toxins to simply quenching your thirst, there are plenty of benefits to drinking more water and increasing your hydration levels.

Hydration and nutrition

Our bodies are up to 60% water – even our blood is 90% water – so it makes sense that drinking more of it will keep your body’s levels nicely topped up. While the NHS Eat Well guide advises us to drink 6 to 8 glasses...

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Are Water Dispensers Good For Your Health?

Posted by on November 10th 2020 in Benefits of Water

Having easy access to a clean and hygienic water source is essential to our overall health and wellbeing. For that reason alone, more and more offices, public buildings and spaces, and even homes are using water dispensers to provide a convenient source of chilled or ambient water. But are water dispensers really good for your health?

Waters dispensers = a healthy option

Our bodies are made up of approx. 60% water and the NHS recommends keeping that level topped up by drinking 6-8 glasses a day, helping you to keep a steady core body temperature, a healthy digestive system, and good circulation....

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Is Filtered Water Better For You?

Posted by on February 26th 2020 in Benefits of Water

To help maintain good drinking habits and maintain your recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day, drinking the best tasting water possible can be a great help. To keep your water tasting as fresh as possible, using a filter is invaluable in removing any bad taste, but is drinking filtered water better for you?

What Is In Unfiltered Tap Water?

While UK tap water is regularly checked to ensure that it is at a standard that is safe to drink, to achieve these standards UK tap water is processed with large amounts of potentially harmful chemicals, which may cause health problems if...

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The Rise of Sparkling Water

Posted by on November 5th 2019 in Benefits of Water

The rise of sparkling water over the last few years has seen the bottled water category of the beverage market now compete with the likes of fizzy bottled drinks. But what has made sparkling water so popular?   

What Is Sparkling Water?

Firstly what is sparkling water? Essentially, sparkling water (also called carbonated water) has had carbon dioxide dissolved into it. This process makes it fizzy, similar to a soda. The difference between the two being that sparkling water isn't mixed with various types of syrup for flavouring.

Sparkling water is different from both water and juice. Unlike water, it's carbonated. Unlike juice,...

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