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The Benefits Of Keeping Yourself Hydrated And Drinking More Water

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Water. It might not look like anything fancy, but it’s essential to a healthy lifestyle and vital to your body in more ways than one. From maintaining your body temperature and flushing your toxins to simply quenching your thirst, there are plenty of benefits to drinking more water and increasing your hydration levels.

Hydration and nutrition

Our bodies are up to 60% water – even our blood is 90% water – so it makes sense that drinking more of it will keep your body’s levels nicely topped up. While the NHS Eat Well guide advises us to drink 6 to 8 glasses of ‘fluid’ a day, it’s water that has the great taste and essential hydration and cleansing properties we need.

And, if your chosen water comes from natural spring water sources, like our own Thirsty Work bottled water, then you could even feel the benefit of extra nutrients and minerals too. So beyond these awesome advantages, what other benefits do you get from water?

Increased mental and physical energy

A major plus to maintaining your hydration is being able to keep both your mental and physical energy levels up. A fluid loss of 1 or 2% can reduce both your memory and concentration levels while also affecting your mood. Plus, drinking water gives you an energy boost for any physical sport or exercise while replacing fluids lost through sweat.

Lubricated joints and muscle hydration

The spongy cartilage in our joints and spinal discs are made up of around 80% water, so drinking regularly and keeping them topped up can maintain their shock-absorbing qualities and help reduce joint pain. And water also delivers much-needed nutrients to our muscles to energise and protect them during intensive exercise.

Improved digestion

A lack of water can prevent your digestive system from working properly. Staying hydrated helps to ease things along, minimising uncomfortable problems including constipation while also reducing excess stomach acids which can lead to heartburn and, in some cases, stomach ulcers. Alongside a fibre-rich diet, drinking water regularly means a healthy gut.

A healthy heart

Good heart health is essential. And good hydration means your heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood around your body every day more easily. Drinking water helps your heart do its job better, allowing the right amount of oxygen to reach all the right places. So while water might not be the most exciting fluid to drink, it’s the best choice for your heart.

Soft, supple skin

Water may not be everything you need for great skin, but it certainly helps. As your skin is your largest organ, drinking water regularly helps keep it in great shape – just like any other organ. Hydration helps retain its elasticity, keeping it supple and moisturised longer, while improving skin tone, reducing puffiness, and preventing acne outbreaks.

Let Thirsty Work help your hydration

Are you – or your staff – drinking enough water each day? If you lead a busy lifestyle, Thirsty Work has made it easier for you. By installing a bottled water cooler or a mains fed water cooler at work, home, or in any public place, you’ll have convenient access to pure, fresh, filtered water, helping you keep those hydration levels up.

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