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How Much Water Should I Drink A Day?

By Ryan Tedder |  Published

With the benefits of drinking water regularly stretching into double digits, you might question yourself, asking, ‘how much water should I drink a day?’ and whether you're actually drinking enough. While it's important to stay properly hydrated, drinking too much water can be harmful to your health. So we'll explore how much water you should be drinking and how to ensure you get the right amount of hydration for your needs.

How Much Water Should I Drink A Day?

This question has no definitive correct answer, and much depends on your body’s needs which will differ from person to person. However, there are a few guidelines around to give you a good idea. The NHS Eat Well Guide recommends “6-8 glasses of fluids a day” – but, if not water, what other ‘fluids’ can we drink?

Those 6-8 glasses of fluids should work out to approximately 1.5 litres for women and around 2 litres for men each day, whether it’s drinking water alone or drinking a mix of other fluids. Other drinks and fluids can include herbal tea, milk, squash, soft drinks, or fruit juice, but many of these contain sugars. But the good news is that both tea and coffee can help towards your daily water intake.

Water-rich foods

While tea and coffee are low-level diuretics that can make you pee more often, other soft drinks may be loaded with sugar. But water is neither, making it the best fluid to drink to keep you fit and healthy. Containing all the natural minerals and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, it’s no wonder we’re all told to drink more.

But it’s worth remembering that much of our daily water intake can also come from water-rich foods. These can be an excellent way to top up your intake if you’re not keen on chugging glasses of water, so take a look at which foods are best – and the percentage of water they contain:

  • Cucumber (96%)
  • Tomatoes (95%)
  • Spinach (93%)
  • Melon (91%)
  • Broccoli (90%)
  • Oranges (86%)
  • Apples (86%)

Water for the mind and body

But everyone is different, and your water intake can depend on factors like your height, weight, age, or medical condition. How much water you drink (or eat in your food) can also be influenced by the weather, your diet, or even your activity or exercise.

But water helps ensure your whole body functions properly and stays healthy, inside and out. From flushing out toxins to regulating your body temperature and keeping your skin supple to helping your muscles and joints stay lubricated. But daily water intake also helps keep you mentally fit and alert, reducing tiredness and fatigue while boosting concentration and motivation.

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If you’re asking yourself, ‘how much water should I drink a day?’, make the guideline of 6-8 glasses your benchmark. Drinking water is an easy way to stay healthy and hydrated, so make it even easier, with a cost-effective bottled water cooler or mains fed water cooler to increase your water intake at home or at work.


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