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Is Drinking Lemon Water Good For You?

By Ryan Tedder |  Published

Lemon water has become a popular drink that many believe can improve their health and well-being. While it’s unlikely to be a miracle cure, lemon water is widely regarded to have several health benefits. But is drinking lemon water really good for you? Although very unscientific, drinking lemon water regularly might help your body in several ways.

The benefits of drinking lemon water

Drinking plain water may be the best way to stay healthy, hydrated, and refreshed, but it can be a bit ‘one note’. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to help you add some flavour, and lemon juice can create a hot, cold, or lukewarm zesty drink that you can enjoy anytime. And, being packed with vitamins and minerals, lemon water might be an even healthier option. Here are a few reasons why:

Lemon water for your skin

Lemons are packed with a naturally high vitamin C content. This compound helps to produce collagen, which will help improve and maintain a healthy skin appearance. Drinking plain water will keep your skin naturally moisturised, but adding a shot of lemon will give your skin that extra boost.

Lemon water for your immune system

Another benefit of lemon’s high vitamin C content is its importance in maintaining a healthy immune system. Your body doesn’t produce vitamin C, so it needs to come from the food and drink you consume. So lemon water is a great way to help support the cells that help fight bacteria and viruses.

Lemon water for your digestion

Drinking warm lemon water before each meal may help improve your digestion. Lemon contains citric acid, which has shown to increase gastric acid secretion in the stomach, and these fluids help your body break down and digest what you eat. However, drinking citrus-based drinks may not be suitable if you suffer from digestive issues like IBS.

Lemon water for your kidneys

It’s also those high levels of citric acid that can help to prevent kidney stones. As a hard deposit of minerals that build up, kidney stones are a painful issue. But citric acid can help suppress their formation and even break down smaller stones that may be forming. The NHS also recommends adding lemon juice to your water to help prevent kidney stones.

Lemon water for your cholesterol

Thanks to their naturally high vitamin C levels, lemons are also beneficial in helping to lower blood cholesterol levels. Mixing the juice of two to three lemons in water each day can be enough to lower your low-density lipoprotein (also known as ‘bad’ cholesterol) and lower the risk of heart disease.

Healthier water with Thirsty Work – just add lemons

All in all, drinking lemon water can be good for you. But there can be some drawbacks, such as citric acid not being kind to your tooth enamel or increasing the chance of getting heartburn, so moderation is key. But a sensible intake of lemon juice mixed with pure-filtered water from a mains-fed water cooler each day should offer you these health benefits – and maybe a few more.

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