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Need a short-term water cooler rental for summer? Get set up today!

Posted by on August 8th 2022 in Water Coolers

If your business, school, or public space isn’t taking advantage of the many healthy and hydrating benefits a water cooler can give everyone, now is the perfect time to try. If you’re undecided, taking out a short-term, water cooler rental for the summer could be enough to convince to you carry on using one beyond the summer and all year round.

The benefits of drinking water

The health benefits of drinking water regularly and staying hydrated all year round are undeniable. Healthy heart, kidneys, and liver, better skin, lubricated joints, hydrated muscles, and good digestion are just some of the benefits water...

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Finding The Best Water Cooler Filter For Safe, Healthy London Water

Posted by on August 1st 2022 in Water Coolers

The hard, mains water around London and the southeast often leaves residents in these areas with a bad taste in their mouths. But while it’s completely safe and healthy water to drink, it’s the millions of water cooler filters doing their job quietly and efficiently that help people get their daily dose of fresh-tasting drinking water straight from the tap.

Water cooler filters

Of course, drinking water from London and the southeast is completely safe to drink. Rigorously tested hundreds and thousands of times over the course of a year, its standard is very high. But it’s the taste and the hard...

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Ambient Or Chilled Water – Is One Better Than The Other?

Posted by on July 25th 2022 in Water Coolers

When it comes to taste, the pure-filtered flavour of Thirsty Work’s natural spring water is second to none. But with all our water coolers, you get the choice of enjoying it even more by having a glass of ambient, room temperature or ice-cold, chilled water. But is one better than the other and are there any health benefits either way?

Chilled vs Ambient – which is best?

So is chilled water better than ambient water? Although you might prefer one over the other, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste and preference, but both do their job at keeping...

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The Top 5 Water Cooler Myths Debunked

Posted by on July 4th 2022 in Water Coolers

We all know that staying hydrated is the key to a healthy body and mind. And as we see record growth in the water cooler sector, adding a water cooler into your workspace or home is one of the best ways to encourage and increase easy hydration. But despite this, there are still misconceptions surrounding water coolers. So let’s get some of the most common myths debunked.

Myth #1: Water coolers are bad for the environment

Fact: Water coolers are actually a proven way to reduce environmental impact.

Being low-energy, a bottled water cooler can cost as little as 10p a day to...

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What Is The Treatment Process For Drinking Water In The UK?

Posted by on June 21st 2022 in Water Coolers

The UK’s drinking water is among the highest-rated in the world, going through stringent treatment and purification process before it reaches our taps. While probably something none of us gives too much thought to, what exactly is involved in the water treatment process and how does it all work?

How the water treatment process works

The water coming from our taps at home is derived from a mix of natural sources: surface water which comes from rivers, reservoirs, and lakes, and groundwater which is from collections of underground reservoirs (also known as aquifers).

Depending on where you live, local water utility companies will...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Install A Water Cooler In Your Home Office

Posted by on June 16th 2022 in Water Coolers

While many self-employed people have worked from home for years, the pandemic showed businesses that many of their employed staff could work remotely as well. So if you’re self-employed or continue to work remotely for your employer, installing a water cooler in your home office can make a real difference to your working day.

Do your best work with a water cooler

Working from a home office has been a real gamechanger for employed staff over the last couple of years. It might have taken some businesses a while to get on top of the technical aspects of getting staff set up...

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A Mains Fed Water Cooler Or A Bottled Water Cooler - Which Is Best?

Posted by on June 8th 2022 in Water Coolers

When you want to install one or more water coolers in your home, office or workplace, you’ll need to make a choice between a mains fed or a bottled water cooler. While both deliver cool, filtered water on tap, there are plenty of reasons why one model might suit your family or your business over the other. Let’s take a look at which might be best for your business to help you make the right choice.

Bottled water coolers

Freestanding bottled water coolers are the classic water coolers seen in offices and workplaces up and down the country. Ideal for giving an...

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What Equipment Do You Need in Your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen?

Posted by on April 27th 2022 in Environment , Water Coolers

No two restaurants operate in the same way. And, as any restaurant owner will confirm, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to fitting out any commercial restaurant kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the key equipment you might need to run your restaurant kitchen. But there might be certain equipment that could serve better when moved outside the kitchen…

Restaurant kitchen equipment checklist

Any restaurant kitchen needs to operate to the highest standards. And that means a lot of equipment, furniture, and appliances. That will give your team what they need to prep, cook, and bake so the...

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Local vs National Water Cooler Suppliers – Why Local Wins

Posted by on April 7th 2022 in Water Coolers

There's certainly an advantage to using a national chain supplier for lots of things. For a start, you know you’re getting the same product and price in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, or high street shops, all over the country. But for more personal or bespoke service, a local company can usually be more accomodating – and water cooler suppliers are no different.

The advantages of a local water cooler supplier

There are currently around 600,000 water coolers in use across the UK right now and just a few bigger, national suppliers are supplying almost half of them. That might sound impressive, but...

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What Should I Expect From A Water Cooler Free Trial?

Posted by on March 28th 2022 in Water Coolers

A water cooler is becoming an ever more common sight in any office, workplace, or public building. With its slimline features and choice of ice-cold, ambient, or hot water options, every model gives your team and visitors a smart and convenient way to keep refreshed and stay hydrated. Having a free trial is a great way to get a cooler into your premises before you sign up. So what should you expect from a water cooler free trial?

Try before you buy free trial

Installing a water cooler into your workplace delivers plenty of benefits and there are five excellent reasons why your...

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