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What Are The Best Water Machines For Offices?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Keeping your staff healthy and hydrated is the key to a happy and productive workforce. And with a range of water machines for offices available to meet the daily needs of all staff and visitors of your workplace, there’s an option that ticks every box. So if you’re considering installing any type of water machine in your office, which is best for your needs?

Mains fed water machines

A popular choice for office kitchens, a mains fed water machine is plumbed directly into your mains water supply. The office kitchen is the most common and obvious area for installing a water machine like this. But even though they need plumbing, they can be installed up to 13m away from the mains pipework in any direction.

Delivering 100% pure-filtered water through its advanced filtration system helps remove trace plastics and any unpleasant tastes and odours that can still be present in water from the tap. Each model is as slimline as its bottled counterpart, but there are still space-saving countertop models should space be at a premium.

Most suitable for: smaller premises with easy access to the mains water supply for installation.

Bottled water machines

Perfect for positioning in the office, reception area, boardroom, break room or any high-traffic area, a slimline bottled water machine is entirely portable, so you can install it just about anywhere. You just need a standard 13 amp socket to plug into, and you’re good to go. And a space-saving countertop model will fit on any desk or in any corner if you're tight on space.

Every water bottle holds 18.9 or 13 litres of pure, naturally filtered spring water sourced from our own spring 60m underground in the Wenlock Edge in North Shropshire. And the bottles are made from completely recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their usable life.

Most suitable for: larger premises using multiple machines with no easy access to mains water.

Hot water machines

Delivering piping hot, 96ºC hot water on demand, an office hot water machine will help you save time, money, and energy. As a powerful, cost-effective, and more energy-efficient alternative to the hardworking kettle, a hot water machine can comfortably give up to 30 litres of hot water every hour – more than enough for multiple cups of tea, coffee, and hot snacks for everyone in the office.

And each long-lasting hot water machine uses an advanced filtration system (either fitted as standard or as an optional extra). While removing leftover trace plastics and any remaining tastes and odours that can still linger in mains water, the filter also works hard to filter limescale which can signal the end for many kettles.

Most suitable for: Any office kitchen where tea and coffee rounds are in high demand.

Thirsty Work water machines for offices

Giving you a good choice of cost-effective water machines for your office or workplace, Thirsty Work is committed to supplying an energy-efficient model that will suit the needs of everyone.

Contact our customer service team today for more information on our full range of hot and cold water machines, service packages, and deliveries. Call 01392 877 172 or email us at to get your free quote or start your no-risk, 10-day free trial and discover which water machines for offices are right for you.