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Is It Ok To Drink Sparkling Water Every Day?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

We all know drinking water regularly each day benefits your mind and body while helping you stay hydrated and refreshed. But plain, still water can become a little one-note after a while, so sparkling water can seem like a tempting alternative. But is it OK to drink sparkling water every day – and what happens if you do?

Still vs Sparkling water

When it comes to staying healthy and hydrated, caffeine, alcohol, and sugary soft drinks aren’t a good choice. But sparkling water sits in a grey area: it’s fizzy, but it’s still water – isn't it?

Sparkling and still water are technically the same, but sparkling water has carbon dioxide added under pressure to give it its fizz without adding sugar. And while it’s seen as a pleasant alternative to still water, it’s often taken in place of any other type of fizzy drink – alcoholic or otherwise.

The benefits of sparkling water

Sparkling water is often open to discussion about whether it’s bad for you or impacts your health. So, while sparkling water is better than an average sugar-fuelled carbonated drink, what makes it a better choice? And is it better than still water? Let’s look at some of its benefits and see if it’s OK.

It’s hydrating

Still water is the king of hydration, but sparkling water hydrates and refreshes you just as much. If you’re already drinking still, the odd glass of sparkling will mix things up and do you no harm. So you're good to go if there’s no added sugar.

It can make you feel full

Some people may feel fuller for longer by drinking sparkling water, helping to eat less. This is probably down to the fizz of the added CO2, but there’s no real evidence to suggest sparkling water stays in your body any longer or less than still water.

It can aid digestion

Tests have been carried out to indicate that drinking sparkling water might help relieve symptoms of indigestion or even constipation for some. Given that digestive health is essential, it might be worth giving it a try.

Alongside these benefits, there are possible things to look out for when drinking sparkling water. The added gas might put you off if you’re prone to tummy issues, bloating, or pain. And, unless it’s pure carbonated water, certain added acids or sugars may lead to dental problems.

Is it safe to drink sparkling water every day?

There’s little to suggest that drinking sparkling water is actually bad for you. But as the negatives highlight, there may be specific issues to look out for. But as long as you can enjoy sparkling water in moderation – and never as a permanent replacement for plain, still water – there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying it every day.

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