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Touchless Water Dispenser Options To Keep Your Employees Safe At Work

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

As employees return to their workplaces, employers are responsible for following any government guidelines to ensure COVID restrictions and safety are in place for their staff. Keeping your offices and workplaces clean and safe isn’t an easy task, but it can be made easier by introducing a touchless water dispenser, giving your staff and visitors confidence while staying healthy and hydrated at work.

Water dispenser health and safety

Health and safety in any workplace are important all the time, to ensure all staff and visitors are protected and looked after. But as the global pandemic continues to advance – albeit more slowly thanks to vaccination programmes – health, safety, and hygiene at work is more important than ever.

Any government guidelines for offices and factories that are in place should, of course, always be followed. But, with the focus on cleaning desks and workspaces along with shared-use products and items, there may be the potential for things to get overlooked or forgotten while cleaning. And one that could slip through the cracks in any cleaning regime is your water dispenser.

Conveniently positioned around kitchens, offices, and workplaces, these slimline suppliers of fresh-tasting, filtered water, contain plenty of high touch areas used by multiple people every day.

These frequently used hot spots typically include your water cooler’s taps and cup dispensers, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly.

Touch and touchless protection

To combat this and make for a healthier, germ-free workplace, we’ve introduced our 24-hr Puraguard antibacterial and antiviral protection. Available across all our bottled water coolers or mains fed water coolers, the antimicrobial coating reduces the threat of any cross-contamination and kills 99.9% of microbes.

But to completely stop the spread of germs and bacteria, as well as any potential COVID-19 viral bacteria, a touchless water dispenser will provide you and your staff with a whole new level of protection.

Your touchless water dispenser

As premium mains fed water coolers, our B3 Elite, B4 Sport, and B4 Sport Countertop models provide sleek, touch-sensitive glass panels and large dispenser areas to fill every size of reusable water bottle. But by upgrading these to become a touchless water dispenser system, you can convert them to high performance, hands-free water coolers in minutes.

Allowing each cooler to dispense your water via the use of a 3-pedal footswitch or an easy to use Bluetooth smartphone app, you’ll eliminate the spread of microbes on any high touch panels or areas, keeping surfaces clean and hygienic. And you and your staff will have access to an even more convenient cool, fresh, fully-filtered water supply.

We also provide touchless technology for our hot water dispensers with a touchless paddle adapter, as well as our integral sensor-activated, touch-free Hydro Tap.

Go touchless with Thirsty Work

In this new world of guidelines and deep cleans, give your business one less area to worry about. Keep your staff and visitors healthy and hydrated while ensuring they stay safe from high touch area germs.

To find out more about upgrading your existing model to a touchless water dispenser, to get a free quote, or start your free 10-day trial, contact our customer service team on 01392 877 172 or email us at today.