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How To Make Drinking Water A Healthy Habit

Posted by on June 27th 2022 in Health

Water is crucial to our health and wellbeing so drinking it regularly is essential for our bodies and our minds. But many of us don't drink enough water to keep us fully hydrated and only drink when we become thirsty. So whether you’re out and about, at home, or at work, how can you make a healthy, daily habit of drinking water?

Make drinking water a habit

When it comes to how much water you should be drinking each day, the general rule is around 6-8 glasses, as recommended by the NHS. But even though there are plenty of health benefits to...

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Can Dry January Help You To Lose Weight?

Posted by on February 4th 2022 in Health

Christmas has always been a time for excess, mainly in the food department. So it’s not unusual to see January become the traditional starting point of the annual diet. But for others, it’s a time to kickstart Dry January and reduce, or cut out altogether, alcohol intake for a month. But as well as cutting out alcohol, can Dry January help you to lose weight as well?

Dry January detox and diet

As many of us celebrate the festive period, it’s ridiculously easy to gain a few extra pounds along the way. As we navigate our way through work parties, meet-ups and...

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Is Dry January Actually Healthy For You?

Posted by on January 18th 2022 in Health

The start of a new year always brings resolutions for many of us. It’s a natural time to discard some of our bad habits and usher in new ways of living our daily lives. For many, Dry January is a perfect place to start: abstaining from the alcoholic overindulgences of the festive season and giving your body a well-earned detox. But is Dry January actually healthy for you?

A dry and healthy January

For many of us, a relaxing glass of wine or a couple of beers is a great way to unwind after work. But when December rolls around, it can...

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5 Tips To Help You Avoid Dehydration When Drinking Alcohol

Posted by on December 17th 2021 in Health

Whatever the season or reason to celebrate or commiserate, there’s always an excuse to crack open the bubbly or get a few rounds of drinks in. But we’re all aware of the consequences when we have too much to drink, so it definitely pays to stay hydrated when drinking alcohol. But how do you do it to avoid a hangover or any ill effects?

How does drinking alcohol dehydrate you?

One of the main causes of a hangover is dehydration, and drinking alcohol dehydrates you faster thanks to its diuretic effects. When your body senses that you’re getting dehydrated in general, it...

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How Much Water Do You Really Need To Be Drinking Each Day?

Posted by on November 11th 2021 in Health

Wherever we go, it’s not unusual for us to see, hear, or read information telling us we should be drinking plenty of water each day. So are we all drinking enough? Or are we drinking too much? It’s not like it’s a new health and wellness craze – it’s vital to life on earth as we know it as well as helping our bodies function properly. So how much water should we be drinking each day – and why?

How much and what should you drink?

There’s no definitive right answer on how much water we should drink each day, but we...

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Is It Safe To Drink Mains Water With Added Fluoride?

Posted by on October 27th 2021 in General, Health

The fluoride level in mains drinking water has long since been a controversial topic. Though a natural mineral that’s found in every supply at differing levels, there’s been a long-running argument between the risks and benefits of artificially adding more. But news is filtering out that fluoride will begin to be added to drinking water across the UK in a new attempt to fight tooth decay.

Rising tooth decay in the UK

We’re all aware of fluoride being a common and essential ingredient of everyday toothpaste, so why do we need extra into our water supply? The fluoride mineral is found in...

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The 5 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

Posted by on September 14th 2021 in Health, Helpful Advice

Although it might seem like a basic, everyday fluid, water is one of the most important nutrients our bodies can consume, as well as being vital for keeping us and everything else alive. Maintaining our hydration is crucial in helping the essential daily functioning of our body, from our brains and our insides to our muscles and joints. Alongside plenty of others, here are just 5 benefits of drinking more water and staying hydrated.

1. It boosts your mental and physical energy

Around 75% of our brain is made up of water, so it makes sense to drink plenty of water to...

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How To Keep Yourself Hydrated As The Weather Gets Warmer

Posted by on June 2nd 2021 in Health

It can be hit and miss in the UK, but we’re now starting to see temperatures slowly rising as we head towards another glorious summer (fingers crossed). But as those temperatures rise and the weather gets warmer, it’s crucial to stay cool and keep your hydration levels up by drinking plenty of fluids. So how can you make sure you’re staying hydrated?

Warm weather hydration

Up to 60% of all adult bodies are made up of water. And along with other essentials, even our blood is around 90% water. The NHS Eat Well guide says we all ought to be drinking 6...

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Do Your Staff Use PPE? Make Sure You Keep Them Hydrated

Posted by on December 9th 2020 in Health

For the majority of 2020, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of staff wearing PPE during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The most apparent increase is clearly in the NHS and healthcare environments, but also in the hospitality and retail sectors too. But whatever sector your business is in, it’s vital to keep your staff hydrated when they’re using PPE for any length of time.

The effects of PPE

Though keeping all staff hydrated is essential when they’re wearing PPE, it’s often our frontline healthcare workers who run a higher risk of dehydration. That can be put down to a warm...

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Pura Guard: Keeping Your School Safe And Hydrated

Posted by on October 14th 2020 in Health

Engaging with kids in schools is essential when you’re encouraging them towards leading a healthy diet and lifestyle. Together with the importance of well-balanced meals and regular exercise and activities, keeping them hydrated with cool, fresh water can be vital to their mental and physical wellbeing. But water cooler safety and cleanliness is crucial to keeping schools safe.

Staying hydrated in schools

We know that regularly drinking water throughout the day helps to keep kids stay focused, alert, and performing to the best of their abilities – and that goes for the staff too! Even drinking just a small amount of water...

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