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5 Top Reasons Why Water Is Good For You

Posted by on March 20th 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

We’re often told that water is good for you. There’s plenty of truth in that quote. But why is water good for you? It’s never an easy question to answer because drinking water has so many benefits, helping our bodies in many different ways. But we’ll look at our top 5 reasons why water is good for you.

It washes out your insides, and more

Water is essential to keep our bodies in proper working order. We’re all made up of between 55%-60% water, and it needs topping up to carry out various bodily functions like digestion, absorption, transportation of nutrients, lubricating...

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Will Drinking Water Help Me To Lose Weight?

Posted by on March 6th 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

Apart from keeping you hydrated, refreshed, and performing at your best, drinking water is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help you lose weight. While official medical opinion remains unsure about the influence drinking water can have on weight loss, many factors suggest it can be beneficial. Let’s look at some practical benefits of drinking water for weight loss and how it can boost your weight loss routine.

4 reasons why drinking water can help you lose weight

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll already know about healthy eating and getting more active with exercise or sports. And...

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Is Drinking Water Good For A Healthy Digestive System?

Posted by on February 22nd 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

Having a healthy digestive system is essential for overall good health. Many people drink water as a way to help keep their digestive systems functioning healthily and properly. But what are the facts? Does drinking water really help digestion in any meaningful way? We'll explore the benefits of drinking water, how it’s good for your health and digestive system, and offer tips on how to best use water for healthy digestion.

How does water aid digestion?

Out of everything you could ever drink, water will always provide the most benefits for your overall hydration, mental responsiveness, physical health, temperature regulation, hair, skin,...

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Is Drinking Lemon Water Good For You?

Posted by on February 20th 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

Lemon water has become a popular drink that many believe can improve their health and well-being. While it’s unlikely to be a miracle cure, lemon water is widely regarded to have several health benefits. But is drinking lemon water really good for you? Although very unscientific, drinking lemon water regularly might help your body in several ways.

The benefits of drinking lemon water

Drinking plain water may be the best way to stay healthy, hydrated, and refreshed, but it can be a bit ‘one note’. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to help you add some flavour, and lemon juice can create...

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How Much Water Should I Drink A Day?

Posted by on February 8th 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

With the benefits of drinking water regularly stretching into double digits, you might question yourself, asking, ‘how much water should I drink a day?’ and whether you're actually drinking enough. While it's important to stay properly hydrated, drinking too much water can be harmful to your health. So we'll explore how much water you should be drinking and how to ensure you get the right amount of hydration for your needs.

How Much Water Should I Drink A Day?

This question has no definitive correct answer, and much depends on your body’s needs which will differ from person to person. However, there...

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Dehydration In Winter - Why It's Important To Keep Drinking Water

Posted by on February 1st 2023 in Benefits of Water, Health

As the temperature drops, people often forget about staying hydrated. This is especially true for those who spend most of their time indoors during winter. Unfortunately, dehydration doesn’t take a break in the cold months and can still be a problem if you don't make sure you’re drinking enough water for good health. Ignoring your body's need for hydration can lead to more serious consequences, so it’s important to prevent dehydration before it starts.

Drinking water for good health

Staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy in summer, but it's even more important during the winter. When the temperature drops, it’s often...

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5 Top Tips On How To Prevent A Hangover

Posted by on January 25th 2023 in Health

The dreaded hangover. We've all been there - waking up feeling bleary-eyed and headachy, with a mouth that feels like a furry desert. Unfortunately, those evenings of drinking too much alcohol can take their toll the next day, especially with Christmas around the corner. But fear not – with these five top tips, you can help to reduce your chances of having a hangover after your night out.

Avoiding a hangover

With London being the nightlife capital, its massive selection of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants means there’s no better place for those all-important office parties and social get-togethers this festive season....

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7 Health Benefits Of A Successful Dry January

Posted by on January 12th 2023 in Health

Dry January. We’ve all heard about it, but few of us do it or at least stick to it. Going a whole month without alcohol might seem excessive, even if you rarely overindulge in drinking. But with the excesses of Christmas socials, parties, and get-togethers now behind us, taking part in Dry January can have plenty of health benefits while giving our bodies a well-earned break – and detox.

Dry January benefits

Whether Dry January is part of your overall new year's resolutions (however short-lived) or not, it’s certainly as good a time as any to get back on the healthy wagon....

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Spring Water Or Purified Water – Which Is Best?

Posted by on November 21st 2022 in Health

The importance of drinking water regularly throughout the day should never be underestimated. Staying hydrated improves your concentration and productivity levels at work and keeps your essential organs fighting fit and healthy. But there are many variations of bottled water available, with two including ‘spring water’ or ‘purified water’ – so which is best?

What is spring water?

Spring water comes directly from a natural, underground water source known as an aquifer, with layers of permeable rock containing high mineral content groundwater. To be classed as ‘spring water’, the water doesn’t go through the traditional mains water system of processing and chemical...

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What's The Best Water To Drink For Your Health?

Posted by on November 17th 2022 in Health

We all know that drinking enough water each day is one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies. After all, staying hydrated isn't just about quenching our thirst, it’s all about keeping a healthy mind and body too. But is all water the same? Apart from taste and hardness, which can be an issue in London and across the southeast, there are plenty of choices in the type of water we can drink. But it’s natural to wonder whether one option has more health benefits for you than another.

Healthy water options

All the UK’s national water companies carry...

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