Water Cooler Rental & Hot Water Dispensers for Schools and Universities

Water Fountains for schools

Water Fountains & Water Dispensers for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Thirsty Work offers a range of water coolers and ambient water dispensers for every size of education facility, from large universities and colleges, to primary and secondary schools, and early years settings. Our robust water fountains and bottle fillers can provide pupils at your school, college or university with an endless supply of chilled or ambient drinking water - a great addition to high traffic areas, enabling everyone to stay hydrated on-the-go. Our school water fountains and bottle fillers can be wall-mounted, and positioned to suit the height requirements of children, making bottle re-filling easy, and our hot water dispensers are perfect for quickly making hot drinks in the staff room or canteen.

free standing arctic chill mains fed water cooler for filling bottles

ArcticChill - A Popular Water Dispenser For Schools

In addition to our collection of water fountains and bottle fillers the ArcticChill Mains Fed Water Cooler is a popular model for schools. It comes as either a floor-standing or counter top model, with optional features to promote optimal hygiene. The single dispensing button and 230mm dispense height (290mm on new models) makes it easy for children of all ages to fill their sports bottles quickly. 

free standing niagara water bottling system chrome

Niagara Bottling System - Ideal For Universities

The Niagara is our largest capacity bottling system with a choice of 65lt/h, 120lt/h or 180lt/h output. This robust, solid and high-performance cooler is ideal for busy meeting and conferencing areas, allowing instant delivery of large quantities of ambient, chilled or sparkling water options.

lk ezh20 mains fed drinking water fountain and bottle filler

Water Fountains Are A Popular Choice For Schools

Many of our water fountains are a popular choice for schools. You have the choice of a single water fountain such as the River Up Fountain, the Aquapointe Bottle Filler which requires no electric to operate, or a combination of both fountain and bottle filler, as available with the LK-EZH2O Bottle Fountain

MT4 Hot Water Dispenser with drip tray

MT Hot Water Dispensers Are A Popular Choice For Schools

The MT4 and MT8 instant hot water dispensers are ideal for counter-top locations where space is limited but standards are high. The ideal boiling water solution for staff rooms where large quantities of hot drinks are needed in a hurry! 

Nationwide Water Dispenser Delivery

Water Dispenser Delivery Areas For Schools

We provide water coolers and hot water dispensers for rental, to schools and businesses of all sizes across the whole of the UK, from London to Southampton to Plymouth, and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on our fast, local delivery service, aiming to deliver all water orders within 3 working days.

complete water cooler filter service and maintenance

Water Dispenser Service & Aftercare

Every University, School or College water dispenser comes with a service and aftercare package, which is designed to give you total peace of mind. Your water dispenser will be delivered and installed by a fully qualified engineer. The package also includes the sanitisation of your water dispenser, filter changes, all parts and labour, plus water delivery and any call outs. Our service package will give you total peace of mind when you choose us as your water cooler rental provider. Talk to our team of water experts, to find out more about Thirsty Work’s service and aftercare.

Water Cooler Installation and Servicing


  • Choice of a wide selection of water dispensers
  • Delivered to your chosen location
  • Installed by a fully qualified engineer
  • Superior sanitisation and filter change programme
  • Expert support and advice
  • Free scheduled water delivery
  • Full call out and repair service
  • Unlimited warranty
  • No additional charges
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Knowledge & Expertise

Our team of drinking water experts, will work with you to select a water dispenser that fits perfectly for your school, college and university requirements, plus your staff and student needs. Our dedicated sales and customer service team are here to answer any of your queries, and ensure your experience with Thirsty Work is a great one. So give us a call, or send us an email, and we will be happy to help you out.

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