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5 Interesting Facts About Water You Might Not Know

Posted by on March 13th 2023 in Benefits of Water, General, Helpful Advice

Water. An essential source of life for every human, animal, and plant on planet Earth. But while it keeps us and everything else refreshed, hydrated, and healthy, water is also a unique substance in its own right, full of surprises, whichever form it’s in. So, since March is the month for World Water Day, we’ve gathered our favourite five interesting facts about water that you might not already know.

1. Water is the only substance that can be three separate things

Water is the only substance on Earth that can be in three different states: liquid, solid, or gas. As a liquid,...

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How Does A Water Cooler Work?

Posted by on February 15th 2023 in General, Helpful Advice , Water Coolers

A water cooler is a familiar sight for many people in homes, schools, and offices all over London and the southeast. Giving everyone cool, crisp, and filtered water at the push of a button or pull of the tap, it’s often the drinking water of choice, coming up trumps for purity and great taste in these notoriously hard water areas. Daily water cooler users know how good they are, but how does a water cooler work?

Mains-fed or bottled water coolers

Two types of water cooler are commonly seen in schools, hospitals, offices, and public buildings all over London – bottled water...

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Easy Ways To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Posted by on February 13th 2023 in Environment , General, Helpful Advice

Being environmentally aware and as eco-friendly as possible is more important than ever, as we all do our bit to ensure a greener, more sustainable future. And as we spend more time in the office than anywhere else for a large part of every day, making our workspace more eco-friendly makes sense. So whether you're an office manager or an employee, these tips will help create a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious office environment.

Easy, eco-friendly wins for your office

Getting green and eco-friendly isn’t as hard – or expensive – as you might think, and there are plenty of ways to...

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What Are The Best Water Machines For Offices?

Posted by on November 7th 2022 in Helpful Advice , Water Coolers

Keeping your staff healthy and hydrated is the key to a happy and productive workforce. And with a range of water machines for offices available to meet the daily needs of all staff and visitors of your workplace, there’s an option that ticks every box. So if you’re considering installing any type of water machine in your office, which is best for your needs?

Mains fed water machines

A popular choice for office kitchens, a mains fed water machine is plumbed directly into your mains water supply. The office kitchen is the most common and obvious area for installing a water machine...

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Why A Rhino Manual Water Hand Pump Is A Game Changer For Your Film Set

Posted by on October 10th 2022 in Helpful Advice

With convenient bottled water coolers in London indoor studios and film sets, all talent, staff, and crew can easily access pure, filtered water whenever they need it. But for outdoor film sets on location, that access to water can be limited. So what is a Rhino manual water hand pump, and how can it benefit everyone on set?

Essential access to water

It’s no secret that film sets will almost always have ‘film catering’ to provide a selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks, and food for actors and crew. This area will be where they go when there’s any scheduled downtime...

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Should I Turn My Water Dispenser Off At Night To Save Electricity?

Posted by on March 18th 2022 in Environment , Helpful Advice , Hot Water Dispensers

Having a convenient source of pure-filtered water around the office or home is a great way to help people stay productive and hydrated. But whether you like an ice-cold thirst quencher to keep you refreshed or need easy access to hot water on demand for tea and coffee rounds, you’ll be using energy. So should you be turning your water dispenser off at night to save electricity?

Turn off to save money

Thirsty Work has put together an environmental policy that sees us taking big steps towards being as progressively green as possible in everything we do. And we put the same...

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Help! I Want To Fire My Current Water Cooler Supplier - Can I Do It?

Posted by on March 10th 2022 in Helpful Advice , Water Coolers

When you sign the dotted line on any contract, you’ll know you’ve made the choice that’s right for you now and for the short-term future. But sometimes, the service you get might not be what you were led to believe you’d get. So when your service starts to go wrong and you’re not getting the service you expect, you might look to change suppliers – and the same goes for your water cooler supplier.

Should you fire your current water cooler supplier?

When you sign the contract for your bottled or mains fed water cooler, you’re signing for a complete package which...

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The 5 Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

Posted by on September 14th 2021 in Health, Helpful Advice

Although it might seem like a basic, everyday fluid, water is one of the most important nutrients our bodies can consume, as well as being vital for keeping us and everything else alive. Maintaining our hydration is crucial in helping the essential daily functioning of our body, from our brains and our insides to our muscles and joints. Alongside plenty of others, here are just 5 benefits of drinking more water and staying hydrated.

1. It boosts your mental and physical energy

Around 75% of our brain is made up of water, so it makes sense to drink plenty of water to...

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3 Easy Tips To More Sustainable Hydration

Posted by on July 16th 2021 in Helpful Advice

With drinking water becoming a slowly decreasing natural resource and the ever-increasing use of single-use plastics, it might seem difficult to stay optimistic on these particular environmental issues. But small steps and positive action by all of us can make a difference. And, by combining two of the biggest issues of our time, here are three tips to enjoy more sustainable hydration.

Steps to sustainable hydration

The phrase ‘don’t waste water’ has been well used for many decades. From primary school upwards, stickers, posters, and awareness campaigns have pushed the message that water is precious. We all need it to survive, after...

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How To Clean And Maintain Your Water Cooler Properly

Posted by on June 28th 2021 in Helpful Advice

Having a water cooler in the office, waiting room, gym, or health club is a fast, convenient, and easy way to help everyone stay hydrated with great-tasting, filtered water. But like anything that’s frequently used, you need to clean and maintain your water cooler regularly so it’s protected from potential dirt and bacteria build-up and kept clean for every user.

Maintain your water cooler with Thirsty Work

The wide range of Thirsty Work water coolers includes bottled water coolers with 18.9 or 13-litre bottles filled with our own fresh spring water or mains fed water coolers with an advanced filtration system for...

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