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Top Ten Reasons to Use a Refillable Bottle

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Why should you be using refillable bottles? In today’s day and age, the call for reusable bottles is on the rise more than ever. In 2019, plastics make up 60 to 80% of all marine debris. With global warming becoming a very real threat and most large chain supermarkets being hunted to be rid of plastic all together, the refillable bottle has become a solution of growing popularity, which is why we want to examine our top ten reasons to refill a reusable water bottle and cut out single-use plastic. 


In the UK we use roughly 13 billion plastic bottles every year, but only 7.5 billion are ever recycled. The remainder end up in landfill, on our streets, or in our oceans. We’re sure you agree, that this simply isn’t good enough, especially when there’s such a simple solution. A reusable bottle isn’t a huge ask when it comes to saving our oceans and protecting our wildlife.

Save Money

The cost of water in a supermarket can be anywhere from £2 to £10 for multi-packs. This may not seem a lot at first, but the average human needs to consume around 3 litres of water a day, which soon adds up in terms of cost. Within two weeks you’ve spent enough to get a water cooler or buy a high quality filter. So by replacing plastic water bottles with a refillable bottle will most likely save you money.

Do you really want to drink plastic particles?

It is suggested that polycarbonate plastic slowly leaks a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) into the water, which you are about to ingest. BPA is known to alter hormones, cause reproductive disorders and countless neurological problems. In fact, BPA has been banned in many countries.

Micro plastics are also known to be found within bottled water. These small pieces of plastic break off from inside the bottle and remain within the water.

Is single-use plastic really worth these risks? By refilling a reusable bottle at home you know exactly what is in that bottle, H2O.


A lot of refillable bottles are made from the highest grade of stainless steel on the inside and out. One of stainless steel’s best properties is its durability along with the ability to withstand corrosion. It’s estimated that grade 316 stainless steel can last for up to 1200 years before it begins to pit, after which time, the bottle can be recycled and used for something else. This makes a reusable water bottle a great durable and environmentally friendly solution.


There are hundreds of brands offering top reusable water bottles at the moment, all trying to be the most attractive and flamboyant to draw you, the consumer, in. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, which is why some brands will offer you a custom option. You can select your own design and colour, meaning you will be able to sit proudly at your desk, gym machine or kitchen table with pride.


We’ve all been there, you have a single-use plastic bottle in your bag or car, during the whole journey you hear the plastic crunching and by the time you reach your destination the bottle itself is deformed and twisted. Who wants to drink out of that? This issue will disappear with a reusable bottle.

Not only this, but having a bottle you can keep refilling and refilling without having to worry about a ‘use by’ date is bound to relieve some subconscious stress.

Pristine Taste

Consuming is all about pleasure and with a reusable bottle that fact is not overlooked. Most stainless steel bottles keep your drink cool for 24 hours, or keep it hot for 12 hours. This means that you are able to keep the refreshing nature of your drink, all through the day. We are also able to help in this department, after all it’s what we do, we offer a range of bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers, offering you the highest quality of drinking water. You’ll have chilled water all the way from self-fill to consumption.

Know what’s inside

When you fill it, you know exactly what’s going into your body. The cleanliness of filtered or spring water means you are guaranteed to be drinking high quality water, but also tap water is safeguarded by the law so you know what you’re getting is good, instead of just assuming.


To make sure your bottle is kept to the best standard possible, washing the bottle is a must. Fortunately, reusable bottles are dishwasher friendly! There are even special bottle brushes made from bamboo to help clean.

Join a movement

You don’t have to glue yourself to planes or trains to show you care about the earth. By carrying a water bottle, you are not only making your life healthier and more convenient, you are making a statement. You are showing people you care about the planet and have decided to make a positive step in the right direction.

But don’t just stop there; maybe you have single use bottled water at the office? Or just one tap used for washing up and drinking water? Have look at our range of products which are designed to provide you with an environmentally friendly solution for you water solutions