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Why It's Important – And Essential – To Recycle Every Plastic Water Bottle

Posted by on August 23rd 2021 in Environment

Making sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking enough water every day is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. But it’s just as important to think about where your water comes from. If you’re buying bottled water, it’s essential for the environment, the oceans, and future generations, to recycle every single-use plastic water bottle.

The key to successful recycling

Recycling is now more important than ever. Over the years, more resources have been put into our councils, allowing them to collect and recycle more items from every UK household. From food waste to clothing, glass and paper, there’s not much that...

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The Next Step In Cleaner, Greener, And More Efficient Water Deliveries

Posted by on August 17th 2021 in Environment

The Thirsty Work vehicle fleet is just as crucial to us as it is to each of our customers who rely on their regular water deliveries being on time. So our continued investment in technology, systems, and processes has allowed changes in a key area in our operations to help us drive efficiency, reduce energy, and cut emissions.

Eco-friendly water delivery: Maximum efficiency and reductions

As we look to be as green as possible, we’ve analysed every area of our production and distribution methods. Alongside long-term investment, plus active management and monitoring of our systems, we work with our vehicle fleet providers...

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Why Does London Water Taste So Different To Water In Other UK Regions?

Posted by on August 10th 2021 in Environment

Taste in all food and drink is subjective – what might be taste heaven to you might be taste hell to someone else. But one thing many people notice is how different the tap water tastes in different parts of the UK, with London water often on the receiving end of some harsh criticism. So why does London water tastes so different?

UK water sources

Water’s ‘hardness’ is often the reason why water tastes different all over the UK with levels ranging from very hard to moderate or very soft. But tap water everywhere comes from two main water sources which can...

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Thirsty Work Bottled Water Has The Lowest Carbon Footprint Of Any Packaged Drink

Posted by on August 3rd 2021 in Environment , Water Coolers

It’s no secret that our bottled water comes from a spring 60m underground that produces a naturally filtered supply of mineral-enriched, great-tasting, pure water. And that info is made even better when we can say that bottled water has the lowest carbon footprint of any packaged beverage. It helps give our customers a sustainable choice for their bottled water while boosting our own green credentials.

Responsible sustainability

There’s a large spotlight being shown on most environmental matters these days – and rightly so. It means all companies, including Thirsty Work, need to work harder to minimise their environmental impact and introduce and...

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How You Can Help Save The Planet By Using Water Coolers

Posted by on July 26th 2021 in Environment

It’s well known that fresh drinking water is essential to our health and wellbeing, and of course, to life itself. Despite this, it’s a valuable commodity that’s in short supply around the world. And with single-use plastics continuing to cause environmental damage, here’s how you could do your bit to help save the planet by using an eco-friendly water cooler at home and in the office.

A precious natural resource

Although it’s the one thing the whole of humanity needs to survive, water that’s drinkable is a dwindling natural resource. According to Friends Of The Earth, “97.5% of the world’s water is...

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Cleaner, Greener Refrigerant Gas For A New Eco-Friendly Water Cooler

Posted by on June 22nd 2021 in Environment

As a forward-thinking business, Thirsty Work is always exploring ways to lessen its impact on the world in the current climate emergency. Reducing our carbon footprint to help offset ozone depletion and lessen the effects of global warming is crucial to this. And the upcoming ban on certain gas refrigerants means we can go further to make our water coolers as eco-friendly as possible.

New gas for a greener future

Back in the 1980s, the public didn’t know too much about ‘global warming’. Along with a distinct lack of proper recycling, we all carried on in blissful ignorance. It was only when...

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The Big Thirsty Work Switch To Recyclable And Biodegradable Paper Cups

Posted by on May 14th 2021 in Environment

With the ongoing global climate emergency, Thirsty Work has a responsibility to play our part in reducing the environmental impact on our planet. To reflect that, we’ve made significant changes to the way we operate and one area we’ve taken action on is reducing our single-use plastics by introducing a full range of recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable paper cups.

The global plastic problem

Plastic waste is an all too common problem around the world. While we’re all aware that plastics end up in our oceans, the statistics still make for shocking reading. According to National Geographic, 1m single-use plastic bottles are sold...

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The Benefits of Green Employment & The Business Opportunities

Posted by on March 6th 2020 in Environment

Our planet’s future as well as the future of society must involve recycling and a correct waste management. Investing in recycling business opportunities is not only necessary but also a source of employment and wealth.

Recycling can bring great benefits to communities and the environment.

The benefits of recycling

Recycling goes beyond just reducing pollution. The list of benefits is wide and constantly updated by new ways in which to protect our planet. Some of these include:

  • Less waste in landfills and incinerators. This translates in a decrease of spending on eliminating and treating expenses. 
  • Saving natural resources such as wood, water or several minerals, which are difficult to get...
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The Benefits of Re-Useable Bottles

Posted by on January 28th 2020 in Environment

Drinking water regularly is important for our bodies for a variety of reasons, including keeping you energized throughout the day, but to maintain this regular consumption, we can become reliant on single-use plastics such as plastic cups or single-use bottles, the majority of which will end up in landfill or in the natural environment.

While Thirsty Work, as part of our environmental policy, have already taken steps to help you reduce your plastic waste production, including introducing our range of paper cups, switching to a re-useable water bottle can prove to be a cheaper, more environmentally friendly and more convenient option...

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The World Water Crisis

Posted by on January 16th 2020 in Environment

Without water, life on Earth would cease to exist. This fundamental and essential source of life can easily be taken for granted when you have easy access to safe water. However, for 785 million people across the world – 1 in 9 – who don’t enjoy this easy access, and with 4 billion people experiencing water scarcity for at least one month per year, awareness of the importance of access to safe water is rising.

With the ongoing effects of climate change, the number of people affected by this water crisis is due to rise, seeing up to 2/3rds of the...

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