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How Can I Dispose Or Recycle My Old Water Dispenser?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

If your water dispenser is properly looked after and regularly maintained, there’s no reason why it shouldn't give you plenty of years of good service. But every appliance you own will have a finite shelf life and will need replacing at some point. So, when the time comes, how do you dispose of your water dispenser and can it be recycled?

Ownership can mean costly disposal

Both bottled and mains fed water dispensers are a common sight across the UK, with the majority of offices, public buildings and spaces, and even homes having one or more in daily use. So when they go wrong or fail completely for any reason, their absence can leave a big hole, leaving people without access to pure-filtered water for health and hydration.

But it’s at that time, after delivering countless cups of still, sparkling, chilled, or ambient water, when they reach the end of their natural working life, that your old water dispenser needs to be disposed of and replaced with a brand new model. But if you own your water dispenser, disposing of it in a responsible way yourself can be a costly exercise, both in time and money.

The benefits of renting

Any respectable water cooler company – including Thirsty Work – will encourage customers to sign a contract where you only ever rent your cooler instead of owning it outright. This is no bad thing and in fact, is hugely beneficial financially as your monthly rental gives you a lot in return – far more than if you own your unit.

Not only does it mean you get 1-to-1 customer service and regular deliveries of bottled water, cups and accessories, you also get regular maintenance and full servicing as part of the deal. But it also includes a full disposal and recycle service when your unit needs to be replaced. So how do we do it?

Ethical recycling

Responsible disposal and recycling of all our water dispensers is crucial to how we operate as a company inside an already eco-friendly industry. All our water dispensers are made from type 2, durable, lightweight High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which means it’s both recycled and recyclable. It’s also an environmentally stable plastic that doesn't release any harmful gases.

So when we replace your unit, we never just ‘skip it’. Each unit is taken apart and the main HDPE materials are cleaned, processed, and disposed of by our ethical, UK recycling partners. The parts are then ground into small pieces and sold to different manufacturers to be recycled into other HDPE products like decking, outdoor furniture, or playground equipment.

Responsible disposal from Thirsty Work

Thirsty Work has a robust environmental policy that includes keeping our refillable water bottles out of landfill as well, helping lead us toward a green and sustainable future. So when you need to dispose of your water dispenser, tell us and we’ll recycle it responsibly for you. For more information on any of our recycling efforts, contact our customer service team today on 01392 877 172 or email us at