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Five Water Bottle Repurpose Ideas To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste

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By Ryan Tedder |  Published

With single-use plastics choking our oceans and waterways, by now, we should all be aware of their damaging environmental effects. But while trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste we generate, eliminating it may be more challenging. So, if you grab single-use plastic bottles of water when you’re out, your best option is to throw them in the recycling bin when they’re empty. But there are also simple and creative ways to transform them into eco-friendly helpers with one of these water bottle repurpose ideas.

Five water bottle repurpose ideas

By giving your old water bottles a second life through one of these ingenious ideas, you're contributing to a greener, cleaner planet. So, grab those bottles, get crafty, and make a big impact with small changes. Let’s go.

Hanging herb garden

Repurpose your old water bottles into mini herb havens. Cut your old bottles in half, fill them with soil and seeds, and hang them vertically in your kitchen or on a sunny balcony. You'll have easy access to fresh basil, parsley, or thyme in no time, saving money and reducing plastic waste.

Clever egg separator

If you’ve ever needed to separate your egg yolk from the egg white, then you know the struggle is real. But this clever hack shows how an old water bottle can be your best kitchen friend. Crack your egg into a bowl, grab your clean, empty water bottle, place the opening over the yolk, squeeze it, and watch the yolk get sucked inside for instant separation.

Small bird feeder

Help the UK’s small bird population thrive by making a low-cost bird feeder. Pierce two holes on either side of the bottle near the base and push a stick or a piece of dowl through to create a 5cm perch on either side. Cut a 1.5cm hole on either side of the bottle about 3cm above the perch. Fill the bottle with birdseed and hang it from a tree branch.

Paint touch up

If you’ve redecorated, keeping some of your paint just in case you need to do any touch-ups in the future is always handy. Take your plastic bottle, put 6 or 7 marbles in the bottom, add your leftover paint, and put the cap on. When you need it later, shake the bottle and the marbles will loosen and mix the paint ready for use. Make sure you label the bottle correctly.

Garden pest protectors

Protect delicate seedlings in your garden from pests, wind, and rain by placing water bottles with the bottoms cut off over them. These transparent cloches give effective protection until the plants are hardy enough to thrive on their own.

Go sustainable with Thirsty Work

These inventive water bottle repurpose ideas help reduce single-use plastic waste while demonstrating the possibilities for upcycling everyday items. So why not get creative and positively impact the environment, one old bottle at a time?

Of course, using reusable and sustainable water bottles, like the Flip Top 750 Glass Bottle, in the office is a great way to prevent plastic waste, especially when they’re refilled with pure, filtered water from our range of bottled water coolers and mains-fed water coolers

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