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10 Top Tips To Reduce Your Plastic Use In 2022

Posted by on March 6th 2022 in Environment

Reducing our use of single-use plastics to protect our fragile wildlife and ecosystems is a priority for countries all around the world. With every piece of plastic taking precious natural resources to create, now is the time to recycle and reuse what we can, while reducing our use and reliance on plastic overall. Here are our 10 top tips to help you reduce your plastic use in 2022.

1. Use bamboo toothbrushes

You should change your toothbrush every 3-4 months for optimal oral hygiene. But your old plastic toothbrush could end up in the ocean or in landfill where it could take...

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Every Office Kitchen Refit Needs These 6 Essentials

Posted by on January 11th 2022 in Environment

Every office kitchen should be the heart of a business. Well used every day, it should provide everything to keep teams fed and watered through the working day or night. But, just like at home, a kitchen should be more than ‘just’ a kitchen. It should be a social space to enjoy. If you're planning an office kitchen refit for your business, here are 6 essential items you shouldn't be without.

Office kitchen refit essentials

London businesses were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many were forced to see their teams working from home, while others had to leave their premises permanently....

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How Can I tell How Hard Or Soft My Tap Water Is?

Posted by on December 20th 2021 in Environment

We’re often told about water hardness and how it can differ depending on where we live. But how can you tell whether you live in a hard water area or a soft water area? And once you know, how does it taste and how good or bad is it for you?

Surface water or groundwater?

Water’s ‘hardness’ is graded by the number of mineral deposits found in it on a grade of ‘parts per million’ (ppm). And thanks to the UK’s geological foundations, this can change from region to region. But tap water originates from either surface water or groundwater and is...

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Does Climate Change Directly Impact Water Quality?

Posted by on December 13th 2021 in Environment , Water Coolers

We are in the middle of a climate emergency. Just recently, the COP26 Summit took place in Glasgow, bringing global leaders together to take much-needed action in tackling the immediate effects of climate change. What the outcomes will be remain to be seen, but with dryer, hotter summers together with wetter, windier winters, the extreme effects of a changing planet are already here to see. So does climate change directly impact water quality – and if so, how?

Water quality and climate change

Many talks and discussions on all areas of climate change are ongoing, but the link between water quality and...

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Recyclable Water Cooler Filtration For Fewer Impurities And More Taste

Posted by on December 3rd 2021 in Environment

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So if we’re drinking more of it, it should be the best tasting water we can get, shouldn’t it? With differences in how tap water tastes up and down the country, only pure, filtered water can give you the fresh taste you’re looking for. So how do our Thirsty Work filters work and how eco-friendly are they?

Advanced water filtration technology

Providing pure, fresh, filtered water is what we do best at Thirsty Work and at the heart of that are the internal water filters themselves. Of course, our 18.9...

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Is London Tap Water Still Safe To Drink?

Posted by on November 22nd 2021 in Environment

While London tap water may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s still perfectly safe to drink. In fact, London water is ranked among the best in the world for its quality. Drinking water safety standards in the UK are incredibly high, so it’s usually chemical or natural elements that can lead people to think it’s not safe. Let’s look at what happens to London tap water before you drink it.

Surface water vs groundwater

All London tap water is supplied by Thames Water. Covering 5,000 sq. miles, their water supply (and sewerage supply services) serves 15m people, reaching homes and businesses in...

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The Responsible Way Of Recycling And Reusing Our Water Coolers

Posted by on November 8th 2021 in Environment

Recycling our products and using recycled materials is an essential part of how Thirsty Work operates. From eco-friendly recyclable packaging to our recyclable products, nothing goes to landfill, and that includes the main body of each of our water coolers. So what are our coolers made of and what happens to them once they reach the end of their working life?

An eco-friendly sector

Back in 2018, the government announced a new ‘plastic tax’. Coming into force in 2022, the tax will apply to any plastic packaging that’s produced or imported into the UK that doesn’t contain at least 30% recycled plastic.


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How We Keep Our Refillable Water Bottles Out Of Landfill

Posted by on September 28th 2021 in Environment

Recycling plays a crucial role in reducing the global need to rely on the earth’s diminishing natural resources. As a responsible and environmentally-conscious company, Thirsty Work is aware of the impact we may have on our surroundings. And only by taking bold steps to reduce our impact can we make a difference. So another part of our eco-friendly practices is to ensure all our refillable water bottles are recycled without ever ending up in landfills.

Refundable bottle deposits

Many Thirsty Work customers across the country choose our mains fed water coolers, accounting for around ⅔ of our coolers that are in use...

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Is Toxic Lead Piping Affecting The Water And Pupils In Your School?

Posted by on September 20th 2021 in Environment

The UK has some of the highest standards in the world for the mains water supply going into schools up and down the country, with strict tests and checks carried out to ensure it stays that way. But while the water quality is outstanding, the pipework in your school may be inadequate, negatively affecting your water supply – and your pupils.

UK Water quality standards

With 25 water suppliers covering the UK, each delivers and maintains the essential water – and sewerage – systems we use every day, meeting tough UK and EU standards along the way. As well as ensuring every...

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What Is Sustainable Water Management And How Can We Achieve It?

Posted by on September 3rd 2021 in Environment

Our planet Earth only has a finite amount of natural resources. So the key to conserving water – one of the most precious resources of all – is to bring in sustainable water management. While it’s essential that we all get more environmentally-friendly in the way we live from day to day, what does sustainable water management really mean and how do we do it?

What Is Sustainable Water Management?

In a nutshell, sustainable water management is ensuring there’s enough clean, fresh drinking water to meet the needs of the current and future generations, as well as for domestic, farming, industry, and...

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