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The Best In Sparkling Water Taps For Home, Business, And Hospitality

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By Ryan Tedder |  Published

While we might be offered the choice of sparkling water in a restaurant in central London, it’s not something we think about drinking daily. But now drinking sparkling water is becoming increasingly popular, not just in restaurants, but as a refreshing change to plain water at the office or home. And with the easy installation and convenience of sparkling water taps, they can give you the fizz you need in your H2O and reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. So let’s check out how sparkling water taps can benefit your hospitality business, office, or home.

Sparkling water taps for: Hospitality

London is home to every type of restaurant, hotel, or cafe serving global cuisine – from Michelin-starred fine dining to pizza joints, burger bars, and street food. But a sparkling water tap can benefit your hospitality business, whatever you're serving. 

A high-quality experience

Giving your guests access to sparkling water can give them greater drink options and a higher quality experience that leaves a positive and lasting impression. It's a nice touch that can set your hospitality business apart from the competition.

A sustainable alternative

Offering sparkling water from a tap is a sustainable option that can help reduce single-use plastic waste in your hospitality business. Doing this is an excellent way to display your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

A cost-effective option

Over time, the cost of providing guests with sparkling bottled water can increase. Installing a sparkling water tap in your hospitality business can save money on bottled water and reduce your expenses overall. You can even supply it in reusable branded glass bottles for added impact.

Sparkling water taps for: The Office

In any London office, a bottled or mains-fed water cooler is a common sight offering plenty of benefits. But enhancing your office kitchen with a sparkling water tap can give your staff, clients, and visitors something extra.

A productivity boost

Giving your staff access to refreshing sparkling water can make a change to the ambient or chilled water they’re used to while still helping to boost their productivity and energy levels, leading to increased focus and better performance.

An impressive choice

A sparkling water tap can be a great way to impress clients and visitors who visit your office for meetings. It shows you value sustainability and environmental responsibility, especially when served in branded bottles or glasses, which can leave a positive impression.

A cost-saving option

Over time, the cost of providing bottled water to employees and customers can add up. Installing a sparkling water tap in your business can save money on bottled water and reduce your overall expenses – single-use plastic or glass bottles.

Sparkling water taps for: The Home

For fans of sparkling water at home as often as possible, a sparkling water tap gives you everything you need and more for a convenient and sustainable alternative to bottled water. Here are some of the benefits of installing a sparkling water tap in your home:

24/7 convenient access

With a sparkling water tap installed in your kitchen, you can enjoy refreshing sparkling water whenever you want. No more expensive additions of bottled water to the shopping list or running out of sparkling water at home.

Plastic waste reduction

You can significantly reduce plastic waste at home by removing the need for bottled water. This is an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future without missing out on the things you love.

Save money

In a cost-of-living crisis, every penny you save can help. And over time, the cost of buying bottled water can add up. Installing a sparkling water tap in your home can save you money on bottled water and reduce your outgoings.

Sparkling water taps from Thirsty Work

Installing a sparkling water tap can give you wide-reaching benefits, from cost-effectiveness and energy savings to advanced water filtration for a pure, clean taste, wherever you are in London – at home, in the office, or running a thriving hospitality business.

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