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Pura 3000 Filter

Pura 3000 ION Exchange resin filters incorporate a mixed blend of media to reduce scale build up, whilst stabilising pH levels to ensure the best filtered water. These filters can be used in a wide variety of applications including hot water boilers, hot liquid vending and espresso machines. 

Key Features

  • Mix of ION Exchange Resins
  • Removes trace plastics in water down to 10 micron size
  • Reduces scale and removes chlorine content, bad taste and odour issues
  • 30% fixed bypass
  • Keeps pH levels stable 
  • Protects machines
  • Auto water shut off
  • Easy install / change 


Height 400mm
Width  110mm
Depth 110mm
Flow Rate 0.26 gpm (1L/min) at 60 psi
Pressure Range 30 - 100 psi
Max Temperature 35 - 100 0F (2 - 38 0C) 
Service Life 6 - 12 Months
Capacity Up to 3,006 Litres
Inlet / Outlet Size 3/8 inch push fit connectors


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