Mogul Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler White
Mogul Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler White
Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

Mogul Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler

This bottle fed water cooler dispenser offers exceptional reliability and great value for money. This floor standing water cooler is available in a choice of two models, serving either chilled and ambient or hot and chilled water. The hot tank capacity supplies 1.8L per hour of hot water at 85°C to 95°C.


Key features
  • Great value floor standing water cooler
  • Dispenses chilled natural spring water
  • Easy to clean
  • No plumbing required
  • Order more bottled water when you need it
  • Great Value Water Cooler
  • Dispenses Natural Spring Water
  • No Plumbing Required
  • Water options: Chiled, Ambient, Hot, Bottled Spring Water 
  • Colour Options: White 
  • Chilled temperature range: 4 - 10°C (39.2 - 50°F) 
  • Cold capacity: 2.6L (0.7 gal) 

Key Features 

  • Great value floor standing water cooler 
  • Dispenses chilled natural spring water 
  • Cup dispenser keeps cups tidy and always at hand 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray 
  • No plumbing required 
  • Only requires an ordinary 13 amp plug 
  • Order more bottled water when you need it  
  • Free delivery and installation 
  • Full Servicing Package Included 
  • Find out more about the bottled water and cup options to accompany your bottled water dispenser.
puraguard antibacterial and antiviral protection for office water dispensers

Puraguard is a ground-breaking protective antimicrobial coating that can be applied to your dispensers taps on request, providing 24hr protection against the growth of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses). Click here for more information, and contact us to request this coating.


Mogul floor standing water cooler

  • Height 985mm 
  • Width 320mm 
  • Depth 330mm

How often will I get my water delivered? 

With a fully responsive service, our delivery drivers will get your water, cups, and accessories to you within 2-3 working days – and we guarantee the fastest deliveries in the industry. You can either place a regular order if you have high usage or, if not, you can order your water on demand – it’s completely up to you.  

Do water coolers need to be maintained? 

Your water cooler dispenser should be regularly cleaned, sanitised, and maintained to WHA standards to keep it in tip-top condition. While you’re able to clean any high-touch areas like the taps or cup dispenser, full service and maintenance is regularly carried out by one of our qualified engineers. We even exchange your water cooler for a brand new model every six months as standard. 

Where can you install a bottled water cooler? 

Bottled Thirsty Work floor standing water coolers can be installed anywhere in the workplace, requiring only a 13amp plug socket for power and approximately 1 square foot of space. If you don’t have room for a freestanding bottled water cooler we can also provide counter top options.


Our bottled water coolers can easily be installed into any space, simply requiring power to operate the refrigeration and heating elements. Your water cooler will be installed by one of our qualified engineers, into a suitable space with easy access. It is advisable to place the water cooler in a space away from direct sunlight.

bottled water cooler drinking water and paper cup delivery

Bottled Spring Water Delivery

We deliver spring water for your bottled water cooler nationally, from Bristol, to London to Southampton to Plymouth, right up to the Midlands and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on our fast, local delivery service, aiming to deliver all water orders within 3 working days. 

We also supply a range of water dispenser accessories.

Sustainable Product Refill Paper Cups

Sustainable Products

Our mission is to help businesses to stop using single-use plastic bottled water and reduce the impact that their drinking water has on the planet.

We want to inspire everyone to hydrate consciously, with the planet and our health in mind, by refilling bottles and cups and eliminating the use of throw-away plastic. We supply plastic-free paper cups that can be recycled.

Why choose this product?

  • Pure, natural spring water delivery when you need it
  • FREE 10 day trial - no obligation
  • We manage your installation from start to finish

Please contact us to start your free trial and a member of our expert friendly team will call you back to discuss your drinking water requirements.

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