Billi xt touch chrome water tap with font
Chrome Billi XT Touch multi-functional tap
Top View of Billi XT Touch
Sparkling Water Coolers

Billi XT Touch Tap

The Billi range of premium tap systems can be built to suit your venue, offering boiling and chilled filtered water instantly. Choose either a single or dual solution. 

The XT Touch Tap design is operated with a top touch panel, offering hygienic and sophisticated style.  

If you prefer sparkling water you might like the XL Levered Tap.

Key features
  • Chilled & boiling and chilled, boiling and mixer tap water options available
  • Install over sink and font options
  • No cupboard ventilation is required.
  • Global GreenTag Gold Certification
  • In-built automatic leak detection
  • Energy Saving Features
  • Space Saving
  • Touch Control Panel

The Billi range of premium tap systems can be built to suit your venue, offering boiling and chilled filtered water instantly. Choose either a single or dual solution. 

The XT Touch Tap design is operated with a top touch panel, offering hygienic and sophisticated style.  

The inbuilt pura filter puts better-tasting water on tap, filtering out chlorine taste and odour, and impurities as tiny as one ten-thousandth of a millimetre, but does not remove beneficial fluoride.

  • Water options: Chilled & boiling and chilled, boiling, sparkling and mixer tap water options available
  • Colour Options: Chrome, Brushed, Matte Black 

Key Features

  • High capacity output
  • Stylish tap designs in a range of colours
  • Space saving design
  • 40% more energy efficient, with energy saving pre-set stand-by-mode
  • Heat Exchange Technology ensures water usage is minimal
  • Install over sink or font options
  • No cupboard ventilation is required for our most energy efficient water-cooled options
  • In-built automatic leak detection
  • Safety (splash free) technology and safety lock on all taps.
  • Global GreenTag Gold Certification
  • Available with a 120mm riser and font 
  • DDA compliant XL Levered tap option available
  • Under-counter unit required 
  • Add our Gold Servicing and Maintenance Package  
  • With Pura filtration 
  • Optional Puraguard Antibacterial and antiviral protection
  • Optional sparkling water with the XL Levered tap option
  • Cut single-use, plastic bottled water
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transportation and packaging waste
  • Gain fridge and storeroom space
puraguard antibacterial and antiviral protection for office water dispensers

Puraguard is a ground-breaking protective antimicrobial coating that can be applied to your dispensers taps on request, providing 24hr protection against the growth of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses). Click here for more information, and contact us to request this coating.


Tap height: 172mm

Tap depth: 140mm

Dispense height: 137.5mm

Tap height with font and riser: 292mm

Tap dispense height with font and riser: 257.5mm

Dual option tap system xt Touch

Add a Dual Option Mixer Tap

Gooseneck and Paddle Lever Mixer Taps

The Billi range of tap systems can be supplied as a dual solution, featuring a separate sink mixer tap and enabling the option to dispense cold and hot water over a sink, in addition to the over font chilled and boiling drinking water tap. 

A unique swivel feature allows the mixer tap to be positioned out-of-the-way of sink access when required. 

Choose your preference of tap design. These systems are preferred by architects and designers for their elegant styling and space-saving features. 

Billi Commercial Boiling Tap With Water Filters and Servicing

Add a Boiling Water Option

Our boiling tap systems are popular for making hot drinks, and preparing food in the commercial kitchen.

Billi XT Sparkling Water Tap

Add a Sparkling Water Option

Choose your level of sparkling

The CO2 injection system used in the Billi Sparkling systems ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high, which means it has a better taste. 

You’ll have the ability to adjust the level of sparkling to suit your taste with adjustable controls up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure. 

Only available with XL Levered tap models.

Branded Glass Water Bottle Prices

Add Branded Glass Water Bottles

Add your own company logo to our 750ml glass bottle

Through our bespoke printing service you can brand as 
little as 60 bottles with your own company design and logo. 

Simply supply us with your vector artwork. Set-up, delivery and full colour printing is included. All prices exclude VAT.

water filters for cafes restaurants and hospitality

Premium Drinking Water Filtration

Pura water filters are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including water coolers, taps, hot water boilers, hot liquid vending and espresso machines in cafés, restaurants and catering establishments.  

Our high capacity Pura ION Exchange Resin filters reduce scale build up, preventing costly machine repairs and producing a consistently better tasting drink by stabilising pH levels to ensure the best tasting filtered water with every cup.

Gold Service Package Water Cooler Servicing

Ultimate Gold Service and Maintenance Plan

Recommended for all Billi Water Tap Systems

Drinking water systems require regular service, maintenance and filter replacements to ensure optimal water quality and an ongoing high level of performance. 

Our Service and Maintenance Package includes multiple benefits and access to;

  • Expert support and advice
  • A fully qualified engineer
  • Peace of mind
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Consistent quality
  • Superior sanitisation and filter change programme* (see below)
Gold Level Service Package

Gold service sanitisation and filter change programme includes:

  • Machine filter change
  • Flush filter
  • Temperature sensor readings
  • Pump speed reconfigurations
  • System review
  • Full inspection of tap assembly
  • Priority response
  • Scale filter management
  • Unlimited call outs
  • Free parts and labour
  • Full call-out and repair service   

*Gold Plan subject to fair usage and economical repair policy 

Green Tag Certified

A sustainable drinking water solution


The range of Billi Tap Systems are Green Tag Certified, and are over 40% more energy efficient in harnessing heat energy from the cooling process when compared with other systems. These systems have been designed to keep cupboards and surrounding areas free from heat. The Quadra cold and boiling water tap systems can be installed without ventilation or cooling fans. 

High performance insulation retains water temperature and saves energy, and the stand-by mode can be set to activate after a pre-set time of non-use.

Enjoy pure, clean drinking water, without the costly environmental impact. 

Water Cooled Drinking Water System

Water Cooled, Energy Saving Technology

Environmentally sensitive appliances

This range has been built with many energy and water saving features, including the iconic Heat Exchange Technology, which recovers and re-uses the waste heat energy produced in the chilling process to pre-heat the boiling water. 

These water cooled systems are more energy efficient than air cooled systems, whilst ensuring that water usage is absolutely minimal.

Billi Quadra Unit

Choose your water dispense option

Compact under-counter systems

The under-counter system can be supplied in a range of output options, from 40 to 100 users, delivering up to 250 cups of boiling water per hour and up to 175 cups of chilled or sparking water per hour. 

Choose from the Quadra Compact, 460, 4100 or Sparkling space saving under-counter units. These units are often much smaller than comparative products, allowing you to make the most of valuable cupboard space, while offering large capacities. 

Both the chilled and boiling options are space saving, energy efficient and elegant, whilst being built for high-use with environmentally sensitive features.

Why choose this product?

  • High volume, chilled, boiling and sparkling filtered drinking water
  • Energy and water saving featured
  • Space saving

Please contact us for more information and a member of our expert friendly team will call you back to discuss your drinking water requirements.

Interested in this product?

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