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Hot Water Dispensers

WA5N Hot Water Dispenser

The WA5N instant hot water dispenser is a wall mounted water dispenser in a stainless steel case which provides a plentiful supply of boiling water. It is designed to be directly connected to a potable cold feed. These wall mounted dispensers have a rear connection and overflow and require two bar incoming water pressure. The electrical connection needs to be a 230 volt 13 amp supply. If you are interested in this hot water dispenser, do contact us

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Puraguard is a ground-breaking protective antimicrobial coating that is applied to your boilers taps as standard, providing 24hr protection against the growth of microbes (bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses). Click here for more information. 



Key Features

  • Wall mounted

  • Ideal for up to 10 users

  • Designed to save time, energy and money

  • Easy to clean

  • 5 litre immediate draw off

  • Large heavy duty non-drip tap

  • Full Filter Change and Servicing Programme Included 


Height 432mm
Width 290mm
Depth 205mm

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