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5 Steaming Good Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Hot Water Dispenser

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Giving you instant hot water at the push of a button or pull of a tap, a hot water dispenser is the most sensible way forward for both home and office kettle users. With today’s eco-conscious way of living, an efficient and energy-saving hot water dispenser might see the humble kettle getting unplugged permanently – at home and in the office. Together with an unlimited supply of hot water, here are five more steaming good reasons why one of our Thirsty Work hot water dispensers could be the new kid on the block in every kitchen.

1. Steaming hot water

With each dispenser delivering up to 30 litres of hot water on demand, there’s enough to keep the brews coming for up to 20 people every hour. While it might not be boiling water, it’s still delivered at a steaming 96ºC – certainly hot enough for teas, coffees, and lunchtime snacks – with the in-built system keeping it hot all day.

2. Pure filtered taste

Pure, filtered water isn’t just for mains fed or bottled water coolers. Every hot water dispenser from Thirsty Work comes fitted with (or fitted as an optional extra) a high-quality, advanced filtration system, improving the taste of your mains water by removing odours and minute sediments before they get to your cup, including limescale and trace plastics.

3. The king of convenience

With tank capacities of either 5 or 10-litres, a Thirsty Work hot water dispenser means your team will always have more than enough instant hot water at any time during the day or the night shift. And, with a choice of worktop or wall-mounted models, every dispenser can fit into even the smallest of kitchens.

3. Real ease of use

Talking of convenience, a hot water dispenser in any busy family home can keep tea-loving parents, teenagers, and visitors happy. But it can also be a real advantage for older people who may be living alone. The convenient push-button or paddle dispenser is easy to use for everyone, putting an end to lifting heavy kettles filled with boiling water.

4. Over boil and Boil-dry protection

A couple of key safety features that make a hot water dispenser more intelligent: the over boil sensor adjusts the temperature accordingly, preventing water from over-boiling to save energy. And the boil-dry protection stops the hot water dispenser from working, turning it off if the internal water tank is low or empty.

5. Cost-effective and energy-efficient

Rising gas and electricity prices are a concern for many people right now. And kettles filled with cold water will always increase energy use and cost more money to heat. A hot water dispenser will heat the water and keep it hot in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way. Good for the environment and your pocket.

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