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What to Look Out For When Buying A Hot Water Dispenser

By Will Vickery |  Published

What should you be looking out for, when getting a hot water dispenser for your workplace? When looking to acquire an instant hot water dispenser, you want to be sure that you are going to get a product that matches your expectations. There are some factors to consider, to ensure your expectations are met, these include the mode of dispensing, draw off, energy efficiency, temperature control and style.

Our instant hot water dispensers can be the perfect addition for a busy workplace, catering establishment, school and anywhere where you may be using a kettle, but it is important that you find a machine that is going to meet your expectations.

What to Consider When Getting A Hot Water Dispenser

Mode Of Dispensing Water

It is of paramount importance that the unit you operate needs to be safe to use. Therefore, all our hot water dispensers use a tap dispenser. By having this mode of dispensing it means there is a safe volume of flow to the water when dispensing it, which will avoid any spillage and therefore reduce the chance of anyone being burnt. Therefore, when looking to get a hot water dispenser it is important to get one that has a safe mode of dispensing.

Draw Off

Draw off is the amount of hot water that the countertop unit is capable of delivering in one go before it has to be left to refill. Therefore, it is important to get a hot water dispenser that has the capacity to be able to deliver enough hot water for your office to be able to get their hot drinks at the same time. But you also don’t want a huge unit that is not really used to its full potential.

Energy Efficiency

Just as when you buy an electronic white goods for your home, you need to consider how energy efficient your hot water dispenser will be.

All our hot water dispenser units meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines. In fact, our hot water dispensers are known to consume less power to heat and maintain hot water ready for instant dispensing than a boiling a domestic kettle. Also, you need to replace a kettle much more often than a hot water dispensers, so you will soon notice the financial benefits of having a hot water boiler.

Temperature Control

Experts say that tea and coffee should never be made with boiling water because the tea or coffee powder will be scorched by boiling water leading to an unpleasant burnt taste, which is not what you want from a much-needed drink.

Therefore, that is why our hot water dispensers dispense hot water at around 92-95 degrees centigrade, which is the perfect temperature for all your favourite hot drinks. So, when looking to get a hot water dispenser it is important to ensure that you get the one that will dispense the optimum temperature of water. 


Finally, you don’t want an ugly look hot water dispenser because frankly it doesn’t sit well in your modern office. This is why all our countertop hot water boilers are stylish and streamlined, taking up minimal space without compromising on the amount of water on offer. The machine is in a premium casing therefore which makes it easy to hygienically clean whilst allowing it to look stylish.  

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