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Top Tips to Improve Workplace Wellness

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Did you know that research has shown that mental health problems account for the majority of workplace illnesses across the UK?

Health is defined as a state of physical and mental  and social wellbeing without the mere absence of disease. The physical aspect of health is something that we all know about in work, but mental health is often the part that is forgotten about in the workplace.

The importance of wellness is no longer confined to our homes, as workplaces are starting to pay closer attention to wellbeing. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies who introduce wellness training and sessions have experienced improvements in morale, productivity and a reduction in staff turnover and sick days.

The good news is, more companies are working to place at least some emphasis on better health and wellness for their employees. Happy employees are not only more productive, but they also tend to work better in teams, and often display greater loyalty to a company and its goals.

Despite all this there are still many businesses that don’t take workplace wellness as seriously as they should. If your company is looking to make improvement in your workplace wellness effort, then here are five of the top tips to help you reach that goal.

How to Improve Workplace Wellbeing?

Motivate your employees

Focus on creating goals that can benefit a wide range of employees and develop a plan to motivate them to achieve their health, wellness and workplace objectives. You can use incentives, team competitions, or other rewards to focus their attention on goals that are going to improve their wellness. Once you have developed staff that are motivated to achieve their goals, it is going to result in them being healthy, which will benefit both your business and your employees.

Focus on workplace environment

Making health and wellness a part of your corporate culture is important, but it is as equally as important to make that culture a healthy environment. It is key for a company to emphasize positive interactions. When employees are encouraged to engage with the group, they tend to be more open to group orientated endeavours. This will lead to employees being happy, but also result in your teams working more effectively together.

Provide mental and physical health education

Bring in experts who can help employees to learn how to get healthier. Bring in nutritional experts, exercise experts and mental health specialists to teach your team about the benefits of better wellness and the things they need to do to achieve that better health.

Focus on hydration

Make your environment one in which hydration is emphasized daily. Staying hydrated is one of the keys to better health, and one of the best ways to ensure that employees are happier and healthier in every area of their lives. But to ensure staff are well hydrated, fresh chilled drinking water needs to be provided. Therefore, you should invest in an office water cooler or water dispenser as this will encourage your team to remain hydrated throughout each day.

Bring in an office doctor

You don’t need a doctor on site all the time, but it can be helpful to have someone come in on a regular basis – even if it’s only once a quarter. He or she can be available to discuss health concerns with your employees and offer advice on long term health goals.

There are many other things that you can do as well, including exercise activities designed to promote better wellness. The key is to know why your company is focused on better health for your employees, and then reverse engineer it, to develop a plan to facilitate those goals. In the end, your employees and your company will be healthier because of the effort.  

If you any further questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us, as we would love to help you.

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