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The Benefits of a Instant Hot Water Dispenser for Your Business

By Will Vickery |  Published

A working day for yourself and colleagues can be busy, so who has the time or patience to wait around for a kettle to boil when there are deals to be made and customers to be served? Yet, you still want and need your team of employees to take breaks and stay hydrated during the working day to ensure they are performing to their best levels. The answer for this lies in a instant hot water dispenser.

Benefits of a Hot Water Dispenser for your workplace:

  • Saves Time – With a hot water dispenser there is no waiting around like you would for a kettle. The dispensing tap on our instant hot water dispensers will provide you with an instant flow of hot water at the perfect temperature for all your warm drinks. Fundamentally resulting in everyone saving time and the business saving money.
  • Saves Money (Energy Efficient) – Hot Water Dispensers use a lower level of energy to keep a large tank of water at the optimum temperature than a kettle does, as a kettle uses a lot of power per usage. Therefore, as the instant hot water dispenser is much more efficient it will result in you saving money. Find out how much money you could save with our savings calculator.
  • Hot Tap Safety Lock – Of course, we understand that accessible hot water dispensers could also present a health and safety issue in a busy workplace, especially in public areas. However, these hot water dispensers are fitted with safety locks on the hot water tap to prevent any mistaken drawing of hot water, thereby avoiding burns and any other related injuries.  
  • Capacity – One of the issues with using a kettle is that it has a limited capacity. Most kettles have less than a two-litre capacity, meaning if the majority of the office decide to have a hot drink then it won’t be able to supply that sort of demand. This will result in everyone taking longer to get their drinks meaning work productivity will decrease. Whereas a instant hot water dispenser comes in a much larger capacity allowing it to supply your office with their hot drinks instantly, which will save time.
  • Optimum Temperature – What is optimum temperature for making tea and coffee? Well tea experts agree that the optimum tea making temperature is just below boiling, and the same is true for coffee making. A hot water dispenser will be able to deliver this optimum temperature for you so you don’t have to experience that ‘scorched’ taste of boiling water whilst you drink your hot drink.
  • A Place to Socialise – Having a water dispenser in your office gives your employees a place to socialise whilst they are making their hot drinks, meaning they can disengage for a period from their work allowing them to be more productive when at their desk as they can have sufficient rest time.

Evidently you can see that having a instant hot water dispenser has numerous benefits for a business, as it can save you money and time resulting in improved business productivity. At Thirsty Work we are offering a 10-day free trial of our hot water dispensers, allowing you to find out whether a hot water boiler will be right for you.

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