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Local vs National Water Cooler Suppliers – Why Local Wins

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

There's certainly an advantage to using a national chain supplier for lots of things. For a start, you know you’re getting the same product and price in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, or high street shops, all over the country. But for more personal or bespoke service, a local company can usually be more accomodating – and water cooler suppliers are no different.

The advantages of a local water cooler supplier

There are currently around 600,000 water coolers in use across the UK right now and just a few bigger, national suppliers are supplying almost half of them. That might sound impressive, but having such a large slice of the national market can bring service problems, supply issues, and stock and product stagnation. Let’s look at some key advantages a local supplier, like Thirsty Work, can bring you over a national supplier.

Real local coverage

With nationals, you largely won't know much about where they’re based, where your nearest depot is, or when they’re usually in your area. With a local company, you’ll be told where your local depot is, so you know your driver and your delivery will be with you on the right day at the right time, wherever you are – and you’ll have the flexibility to amend your delivery time and day at short notice if you need to.

Switch and upgrade your products

If you’ve chosen a bottled water cooler with a national supplier, the chances are you’ll still be using it by the end of your contract. A local supplier will monitor your water bottle usage and give you the flexibility to switch your bottled water cooler and upgrade to a mains fed water cooler if you want to, at no extra cost. Switching and upgrading is something Thirsty Work proactively looks to do for every customer to help save you money.

Trial different products

While a national supplier will assume you’re happy with your products, a local supplier will always check in and let you try different ones. Your Thirsty Work package lets you do this free of charge, whenever you want. So why not put your kettle to one side and see how much time and money an energy-efficient hot water dispenser could save you?

Free really does mean free

A national supplier might offer you a ‘free’ trial or a ‘free’ service, but somewhere in the small print, you’ll probably find hidden installation, call-out, or collection fees, or even a mandatory contract in advance. Not so with a more local supplier. With Thirsty Work, if we say you can trial a new product, upgrade your water cooler, or have something for free, we really do mean it’s free.

Thirsty Work – local service you deserve

This should give you a taste of why a local water cooler supplier could be the change you need for real customer-focused service and price. If you’re ready to find a new water cooler supplier, you can read more about what you should expect from a new water cooler supplier as standard to find out exactly how Thirsty Work can help you.

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