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Is a Water Cooler Cheaper Than Bottled Water?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Access to clean water is one of life’s essentials. We all use it – and drink it – every day and it’s become something we all take for granted. But despite being something we literally cannot live without, water can be expensive and sometimes it doesn’t always taste the best. But should you invest in providing a constant supply of bottled water or a water cooler for your business?

A low cost, low impact option

Bottled water is incredibly popular and still sells in large quantities, after all, it’s a convenient and handy option if you’re out and about. But it’s not an efficient way to provide water for more than one person at a time, particularly in working environments. Whereas water coolers are able to provide as much or as little water, as and when required.

A familiar sight, we see water coolers in thousands of offices and workspaces, as well as schools, colleges, and universities, and waiting rooms, all across the UK, giving staff, students, and customers easy access to chilled, fresh water. It’s rare to find any of these places with a plentiful supply of bottled water for us to help ourselves to.

If, as a business owner, you look at it from a purely financial point of view, a water cooler will always be a cheaper option than any amount of bottled water. The difference in cost will come down to the brand as well as manufacturing, transportation, and delivery costs of those dozens of plastic bottles. Over time, those costs will mount up which isn’t a good look for your bottom line.

But there’s also the waste factor to take into consideration. Unless any one person is particularly thirsty, there could well be plenty of bottles opened and unfinished, with their remaining contents going down the drain. And of course, the environmental impact of thousands of additional, single-use plastic bottles should be enough to discourage everyone.

Water cooler benefits

But bottled water certainly has many benefits. It’s convenient, there’s low bacteria contamination, and it tastes good – but it can be seen as an expensive office luxury. Water coolers on the other hand will be seen as a communal necessity, especially in promoting good health and wellbeing, as well as being a cheaper alternative.

At Thirsty Work, we’re in the business of keeping all our customers refreshed and hydrated with our range of water coolers and natural, pure spring water from our very own Cornish spring. Bottled for us in 13 or 18.9-litre, refillable bottles, they can be replaced quickly and easily whenever you need them and are completely reusable and recyclable.

Our full installation service, together with our ongoing, cost-effective service and aftercare packages, means your water cooler is kept clean, disinfected, and sanitised as long as you’re with us. But each package also means your cooler is kept in full working order at all times, and that includes any call-outs, repairs, parts, and labour when you need it – as well as your water deliveries. Everything’s included in one low, monthly cost.

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How much you’d spend on bottled water against a water cooler option will always depend on how much water will be consumed at your business. But, in the long-term, a Thirsty Work water cooler should always be the most cost-effective way to keep your staff and visitors hydrated.

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