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How Thirsty Work Is Helping the Environment & Reducing Single Use Plastic

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By Will Vickery |  Published

On Saturday the 28th September, Thirsty Work held its annual Super Saturday event, which is a great opportunity to gather every member of the team from across all our depots, to work on team building and to communicate and promote our aims for the business and how we can continue to improve our service and product offering for our customers.

This year’s event was held at Dawlish Warren with the theme being an environmental theme, as we wanted to communicate to our staff about our continued investment to improve our service and product offering to help our customers reduce their single use plastic.  

The day started with a talk from the Thirsty Workers who organised the event, to educate our team on the importance of reducing single use plastic and to show what work we have done so far in 2019 to help our customers reduce their single use plastic

We also had Mhairi from Children’s Hospice South West come to the event, and she was kind enough to do a talk to our team, to show us how our partnership has firstly helped to reduce single use plastic at their rainbow run events and secondly to show what the money that we have been able to raise, goes to and how it helps the families at their hospices.

The staff where then split into teams to carry out a number of challenges during the day. The first challenge of the day was a scavenger hunt around the beach, where teams where tasked with a finding 40 items on the beach.

The next challenge for the day was to collect as much litter and rubbish from the beach and its surrounding areas as possible. We are very pleased to say that we managed to collect 107.5kg of rubbish from the beach and its surrounding areas. This is rubbish that is no longer on the beach and has now been collected and recycled by the local waste management company.

The final challenge for the day was for the teams to come up with the best environmental idea which we could introduce to help Thirsty Work and our customers improve our environmental credentials. The teams then had to present their idea to the company, with the best idea being voted on by the Thirsty Workers.

The Thirsty Workers then announced the winning teams of each challenge with a bunch of prizes being given to the winning teams.  

We were then lucky enough to have Paul Clarke who is part of cup supplier chain, talk to the team about the paper and biodegradable cup market and how Thirsty Work is leading the way in terms of innovation and investment in the water cooler industry. We were very proud to announce that Thirsty Work has managed to remove 95% of its plastics in 2019, and our aim is to get that figure to 98% in 2020. This is a fantastic achievement by the team, and shows our how we our continuing to lead the way in the industry and provide solutions to our customers which our environmentally friendly.

Overall this year’s Super Saturday was a really successful event to help with team bonding, but also to hear from Mhairi at Children’s Hospice South West and Paul Clarke about the excellent work that the team has been doing over the year.