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Encourage Daily Hydration In Your Office With Custom Water Bottles

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

Drinking water throughout the day is always something we encourage, but it’s not just us. The NHS recommends drinking between 6-8 glasses of fluids a day and it’s always water that reaches the parts of your body other fluids just don’t. So to help your staff stay hydrated for longer, why not encourage them to drink more with a custom water bottle?

A long term answer

As a responsible company, Thirsty Work is committed to reducing or eliminating the amount of plastic waste and recycle wherever we can while encouraging all our customers to do the same. In fact, one big step we took was to help customers make the switch between single-use plastic cups to recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable paper cups.

When you have one or more water coolers in your office or around your premises, these paper cups can make all the difference in reducing everyone’s carbon footprint. And it certainly decreases the amount of plastic overall, much of which could end up in our oceans. Paper cups are easier to recycle and can make a big difference, but it’s still ‘waste’ that needs to be dealt with.

So while encouraging office staff to drink the cool, refreshing, filtered water that comes from every Thirsty Work water cooler, a change from single-use cups is the way forward. And custom water bottles could be a sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly answer for your business.

Custom water bottles

It’s not unusual for many companies, both large and small, to invest in branded promotional goods, from pens and desk diaries to clothing and USB sticks. But fully branded, custom water bottles are a great way to help encourage everyone to keep hydrated and productive over every working day – and they can be used again and again.

But they don’t need to be limited to the office environment. A custom water bottle is also a great product for any sports club, gyms, or health clubs where staying hydrated is essential. Whether they’re a lightweight and long-lasting metal water bottle or made from recycled plastic, they help get your company name out there when they’re used outside of the office or gym too.

And when they’re bought in bulk for staff, customers, or members, a good quality custom water bottle can work out cheaper than you might think. So a bulk buy could be great for your pocket, but even better for the environment.

Refill with Thirsty Work

But while a custom water bottle is a great way to encourage people to drink more water each day, the water that goes inside is just as important. And whether you’re using our bottled water coolers with essential minerals kept in or our mains fed water coolers with an advanced water filtration system to keep contaminants and microplastics out, every refill guarantees pure, fresh-tasting water every time.

With the benefits of drinking more water going well beyond just quenching your thirst, our service and maintenance packages can help keep your water cooler clean, sanitised, and filled as well – all for less than 10p a day.

For more information about our water or our coolers, or to start your free 10-day trial, contact our team on 01392 877 172 or email today.