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Do Hot Water Dispensers Have Filters For London Water?

By Matt Stimpson |  Published

It’s a well-known fact that UK mains water supplies can taste different from region to region. With plenty of people in London rejecting the ‘chemically’ taste of their mains water, they’re turning to the natural taste of fully-filtered water from a cooler. But what about hot water dispensers? Do they have filters to improve the taste of London water or do they serve another purpose as well?

Kettles vs hot water dispensers

For any London office or workplace with multiple employees, the number of kettles being boiled over the course of a working day can very quickly mount up. And if overnight shift work is in place, then it’s bound to be even more. But each one will keep your workforce happy, refreshed, and hydrated with a good brew.

But boiling a kettle multiple times can be expensive. In fact, it could be costing you upwards of £500 a year, not to mention lost man-hours spent, literally, watching the kettle boil. So to say that a hot water dispenser could save you money would be quite an understatement.

The beauty of a hot water dispenser, and its key benefit, is that by installing one, you – and your staff – will get hot water on demand, with up to 30 litres of 96º hot water every hour if you need it. So alongside that, and plenty of other reasons why you need a hot water dispenser, it would certainly make for a cost-effective kettle replacement.

But beyond the convenience and energy-efficiency that a hot water dispenser can provide, one of the more unsung benefits are the filters used inside it.

Advanced filter technology

Thirsty Work prides itself on our level of water filtration for all our water coolers. While every bottled water cooler uses naturally-filtered spring water from a private source deep underground, our mains fed water coolers use a full Pura filtration system to deliver the best tasting water, straight from your mains supply, that’s free from odours and that London taste.

But, unbeknown to many people, our hot water dispensers also use this advanced filter technology, either fitted or added as an optional extra. Just because the water comes out hot enough for a good cup of tea, it doesn’t reach full boiling point, so if the water was to be left unfiltered, it could still contain potential odours and bad tastes.

But thanks to this high-quality, multi-filter filtration system, it removes those substances to give you hot water that’s free of potential bad taste and odours. Not only that, every filter can remove limescale and other impurities that might find their way through the London mains water supply – even removing trace plastics down to around 0.01mm in size.

On top of that, the filters used inside each hot water dispenser have the capacity to filter up to 3,006 litres of water – that’s around 9,000 mugs of tea – before they need replacing, which is included as part of your service and maintenance package.

Fully-filtered, London water from Thirsty Work

So for a fully-filtered, great-tasting brew for you and your team, a hot water dispenser with advanced filters could be the best investment you can make: cost-effective, energy-efficient, and guaranteed to get the workforce seal of approval.

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