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Best Questions To Ask Your Water Cooler Supplier

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By Will Vickery |  Published

Find out the best questions to ask, when choosing your Water Cooler Supplier in this blog.

Thinking of getting a water cooler in your office, factory, school, college and so on is a big step. It is a sign of your ongoing commitment to your staff’s health and well-being, by providing them with clean, tasty drinking water. At Thirsty Work, we offer a large range of products to suit the requirements for your business and staff. All that aside, you want to know if the company you are contacting to deliver the service can do what they say.

Here are the best questions to ask:

Why are water coolers favourable to tap water?

Water is beneficial to us all and even though the water from the tap is clean, it contains chemicals that some people are not happy to consume. Tap water can also taste metallic or even chlorinated at times.

A water cooler, both bottled and mains fed, chills the water and filters it making it taste much cleaner. Secondly, dispensers are also more hygienic and accessible, thus many people are more willing to drink water from a water cooler rather than going to the tap.

Which is better – bottled or a main fed water cooler?

There are pros and cons to both, but the choice is an essentially a personal one. Although to have a main fed water cooler, first you must have accessibility to your mains water system. If this is not the case then a bottled water cooler will be right for you.

An example of a situation where a main fed water cooler would be ideal is, if you would have a large amount of people using the water cooler. In this situation, a main fed water cooler would be more useful for you otherwise you would have to frequently change the bottle on the cooler, as well as having to store a large number of bottles.

At Thirsty Work, we will provide you with advice to help you decide which system holds and the most advantages and benefits for you, so you can get the most out of your water cooler.

What about hygiene? Do you come out and clean our machine?

There are bacteria that will breed and contaminate water quickly when cleanliness of the equipment is not maintained to a high standard. The water cooler company you have an agreement with should ensure that the water systems and containers are clean and fit for use. 

At Thirsty Work, we are a qualified British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) member. This gives you the reassurance that our bottling, installation and maintenance procedures are carried out to the highest hygiene and quality standards.

What about the environment? e.g. Are you committed to recycling?

At Thirsty Work, we are a firm believer that your water cooler supplier should ensure that they are committed to helping the environment.

At Thirsty Work, we sanitise and reuse empty plastic bottles from our bottled water coolers and we also use local, sustainable water sources for water which not only safeguards the environment directly but also keeps the transport to a minimum. 

What if the water cooler is not used enough?

We always suggest highlighting the provision of water coolers to staff but, also look for a no obligation free trial period too. This means that any business unsure about whether a water cooler is right for them can trial it with their staff – and at no cost to the company. At Thirsty Work, we offer a 10-day free trial for this exact reason.

How often are the water coolers serviced?

It is important to ensure that your cooler remains clean and hygienic to avoid any health risks but to additionally ensure you have great tasting water. As part of our service at Thirsty Work, our team of drivers will change the filter on your main fed water cooler every 6 months and every 3 months on your bottled water cooler.  This ensures that your water cooler system stays clean and hygienic.

They will also come and regularly sanitise your machine which will be carried out to the highest hygiene and quality standards as we are a British Water Cooler Association member.

How soon will we notice the benefits?

Immediately. With a water cooler, you will find that your office takes on an air of productivity that you may have not seen previously and this could be down to your staff being hydrated. The water cooler is also a great place for your staff to socialise and share what they are doing.

How often will I receive deliveries?

The role of your water cooler supplier should always be to ensure that you never run out of stock. At Thirsty Work, our customers go onto a 4-weekly delivery schedule and should your volumes dictate you or you have a bespoke need we have the ability to increase the frequency of your delivery to ensure that you never run out of stock. If you find you need an extra delivery of cups or water before your routine delivery, then we will also deliver this for you within 2 to 3 working days.

How do we pay?

At Thirsty Work, we are very flexible in the way we receive payments for goods and services as we know a local SME and a big corporation in the a city such as London or Bristol will have different needs and requirements. However most of our customers choose Direct Debit as their preferred method of pay as it saves them money and time.

We hope that these questions will help you to find out whether the water cooler supplier of your choice is able to deliver to the standards that you require.

One thing we can guarentee though is that Thirsty Work as a well established Water Cooler Supplier will be able to deliver you a premuim quality product and service.

If you have any further enquiries about anything then do not hesitate to contact the Thirsty Work team today on 01392 877 172 or email us at