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A Mains Fed Water Cooler Or A Bottled Water Cooler - Which Is Best?

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By Matt Stimpson |  Published

When you want to install one or more water coolers in your home, office or workplace, you’ll need to make a choice between a mains fed or a bottled water cooler. While both deliver cool, filtered water on tap, there are plenty of reasons why one model might suit your family or your business over the other. Let’s take a look at which might be best for your business to help you make the right choice.

Bottled water coolers

Freestanding bottled water coolers are the classic water coolers seen in offices and workplaces up and down the country. Ideal for giving an instant hit of cool or ambient water, wherever you want it, every bottled cooler is 100% portable and just needs access to a standard plug socket. That gives you the freedom to position one anywhere you like, from high traffic areas like receptions and communal spaces to waiting rooms and offices.

And even though each model is super slim with the ability to be placed anywhere, if space is tight, there are compact countertop models that will sit on a desk or table, out of the way, giving you even more space. And with every bottled water cooler, you have the choice of a recycled and reuseable 18.9 or 13-litre water bottle filled with pure, naturally filtered spring water, so you always have enough however large or small your team.

Here’s a list of all the pros of choosing a bottled water cooler:

  • Completely portable
  • Ideal for high traffic areas and larger spaces
  • Range of upright and countertop models
  • Choice of 18.9 or 13-litre water bottles
  • Full service, maintenance, and delivery programme
  • Cost-effective rental

Mains fed water coolers

Equally as popular as a bottled water cooler, a mains fed water cooler delivers cool or ambient mains water through an in-built, advanced filtration system. This gives you pure, fresh-tasting water with natural mineral content that has any trace plastics, chemical tastes, and whiffy odours completely removed. Thanks to being 100% filtered, your family or business can benefit from water that comes directly from your mains supply with no worries about water bottle storage.

All main fed water coolers need to be plumbed directly into your mains water pipes for a more fixed installation. But while they’re slightly more limited in where they can be positioned, the water supply pipework can be run up to 13m away, so they can easily be installed beyond office kitchens and into offices and workspaces. There are also space-saving countertop models available if you need to save space.

Here’s a list of all the pros of choosing a mains fed water cooler:

  • Can be installed up to 13m away from your mains pipework
  • Ideal for smaller offices or workspaces
  • Range of upright and countertop models
  • In-built advanced water filtration system
  • Full service, maintenance, and delivery programme
  • Free installation
  •  Cost-effective rental

Whatever your choice, make it Thirsty Work

Both bottled water coolers and mains fed coolers have advantages that can suit your business and famil. And together with cost-effective rental programmes, full service, maintenance, and deliveries, a guaranteed local service, and excellent customer service with actual humans, the choice can be a hard one to make. So let us help you.

Find out more about both types of water coolers by calling our customer service team on 01392 877 172 or emailing today. We can tell you everything you need to know and give you your free quote or start your no-risk, no-obligation 10-day free trial – or even help you make the switch to us if you’re unhappy with your current supplier